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We are interested in our Partners and their business. Rather than determining the partnership level purely on the basis of turnover with us, we have defined a number of criteria that can improve Partner status. In other words, we are accommodating the Partners business model, rather than moulding theirs to suit ours. The more responsibilities a Partner business fulfils, the higher your partnership level will be, and the more benefits a Partner will receive.

Representative Partners


  • Take contact with the right prospect
  • Make a first presentation of EmailTree's products and services to the prospect.



Everything in Representative Partners

  • Qualify the opportunity by discovering the needs.
  • Take in charge the communication and follow up with the prospect during the qualification of the opportunity.
  • Negociations (managed with EmailTree AI sales team)

Full Commercial Partners

Everything in Commercial Partners

  • Make a first short/online workshop and show a general demo
  • Realize the offer (managed with EmailTree AI sales team)



Full Commercial Partners

  • Make a full workshop, business analysis and generate the technical report

RPA Technical


Everything in Technical Partners

  • Full RPA Implementation

Full Certified Technical Partners

Everything in RPA Technical Partners

  • Full EmailTree integration (deploy on VMs, private cloud, etc.)

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