Reply faster to your customers

Respond to your customers in just 3 clicks, so you can boost your productivity and keep your customers happy

Respond with quality within SLAs

Email replies in seconds

Automate email responses with an easy-to-use AI knowledge base, continuously enhanced with real-time responses.

Reduces your repetitive workload

Stop repetitive workload

Focus only on value-added activities by automating the most common responses and processes.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Personalized empathic messages and faster response times will increase revenue and keep customers for life.

Meet your new AI team members

Get quick and easy answers to your customers questions

Tired of offering the same canned response to each customer's question? Smart Reply and AI-Powered suggestion engines, make sure that you respond to complex questions with increased quality and the most relevant answers every time.

Create customers service experiences that wow

Import your FAQ or most common questions, and integrate with your CRM where applicable, so that EmailTree will suggest the best answer.

Our artificial intelligence gets increasingly smarter as it is fed with real-life answers you use, enabling continuous automation and personalization of your interactions.

With our AI technologies, you can interact with your customers regardless of the channel they use to contact you.

Through the combination of hundreds of data points and our AI reply generator, you will be able to respond accurately to your customers more quickly than ever before.

Ultimate Knowledge Base
AI Reply Generator

Email response automation

Our technology enables your support team to become 24/7 assistants that can respond quickly and accurately to customers' needs.

Each time you start a new conversation, our algorithm calculates and composes answers based on your knowledge base, which are organized by a % confidence level.

Make sure your customer engagement is more efficient by using the "Smart Reply" button and reduce the time you spend on composing a response saving you up to 40% costs and increasing the answers quality up to 70%.

10x faster than any other email composer

the fastest email composer
Ready to send blocks

Ready to send blocks

For personalized and empathetic messages, using our Drag and Drop feature, you can create an email message within a few clicks, which will result in a shorter handling time.
Adapt to any channels

Adapt to any channels

Send contextually relevant responses based on the channel customers used to contact you and improve the quality of your correspondence.
Smart reply

Smart reply

Let the artificial intelligence (AI) select the most accurate response and save up to 35% to 80% ( (depends on the desired level of "human in the loop" intervention) on the time spent composing replies
Forward with template

Forward with template

Forward automatically an email to someone within your team using a template. No more manual copying, pasting or typing.
Semi automatic reply

Semi automatic reply

Based on a % confidence level, instantly get the answer of the most common questions in your inbox ready to be send

Reply, Reply All, Done

Reduce the backlog of tickets faster while delivering a more individualized and detailed response to each of your customers.

Every message is a fully dynamic and customizable process based on customer names and data pulled from third party sources like your CRM. It can even be customized based on your client sentiment.

Your company can achieve better results by letting EmailTree handle the hard work of writing the perfect response at the right time.

Reply to emails in seconds
Send and Learn with our Ai

The more you send, the smarter it gets

It does not help your company or customer service to spend half of the day editing or writing the same repetitive replies for clients.

AI will help you learn to simplify complex conversations by allowing you to edit and train your knowledge base in real time.

Make sure all emails get sent out in a professional manner just by hitting the ā€œSend and Learnā€ button.

Our clients

Our partners

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It's not just about email classification for us helps you understand and respond to your customers more effectively, also enabling personalized and emphatic responses.

Understand your customerā€™s requests

Identify key data, by contextualizing the questions and key info of your clients such as language and sentiment, to significantly improve your ā€œmoments of truthā€ in customer service

Quickly integrate your data

Speed up the time to search for info/ documents to answer your emails by seamless integrating to O365, Google, major ticketing platforms like Zendesk, ServiceNow and Salesforce, and RPA tools


Automate your email classification speed, filtering and prioritization making it easier for your organization to automatically assign emails to the right service, team or person

Smart Reply with AI

Empower your first level team to make your customer engagement more efficient, by using the "Smart Reply" AI engine, you will save up to 40% costs and increase the answers quality up to 70%