Automatic Email Classification

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and hello to email productivity

Improve productivity

Automate classification for seamless first contact resolution by improving work efficiency

Thrill your customers 

Enjoy faster email management and better focus on what matters most: serving your customers

Avoid SLA breach

Make sure emails are categorized into predefined categories, so you can take the right action immediately.

What is automatic inbound email filtering?

The best email management software

We automate email classification using NLP and make it easy for your organization to implement a solution where emails are automatically assigned to the right service, team or person!

Adaptable to any customer support

From large enterprise to SMB, we help your company properly handle a large volume of emails quickly through smart filtering and automation.


Create email classification workflows

An overflowing inbox puts your customer service at risk and with it, your company’s reputation.

Using Action Manager and AI, you can design and automate the routing of emails to the appropriate team within your company in minutes.

Reduce employee stress and give them more time to provide better customer service.

Optimal customer engagement needs to address both customer and employee experience!

Process improvement

Automate the task of sorting email to reduce time spend on mundane tasks

Classify email by language

Our language agnostic Al analyzes the language of the sender, and dispatches the message accordingly.

Classify email by intent

From the minute you get an email, we understand the intent / multi-intent and categorize it based on your business needs.

Classify email by sentiment

Angry or happy? Your emails are prioritized according to your customers' emotions.

Classify email by attachment

Using OCR technology, we scan and sort the content by language, sentiment, intent or Named Entity Recognition (NER).

Classify email by spam

With our spam classifier, we automatically remove unwanted emails to keep your inbox clear.

Classify email by rules

Combine triggers and actions to create an endless classification workflow.
Clear focus

Delight customer agent with a clear inbox

Emailtree simplifies the process of categorizing your incoming emails so your customer service agents can focus on what matters most, your customer service excellence!

Your customers will appreciate a quick response that helps them solve their issues quickly, which will increase your profitability and productivity.

Discover a fresh inbox that will create great employee and customer experiences!

Process management

Built more complex email classification with RPA

We can help you classify emails faster in less time with less effort and produce fewer errors by removing manual tasks from your business process management.

Eliminate endless e-mail tasks through process orchestration and automation, regardless of the complexity of the scenario.

Our clients

Our partners

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It's not just about email classification for us helps you understand and respond to your customers more effectively, also enabling personalized and emphatic responses.

Understand your customer’s requests

Identify key data, by contextualizing the questions and key info of your clients such as language and sentiment, to significantly improve your “moments of truth” in customer service


Automate your email classification speed, filtering and prioritization making it easier for your organization to automatically assign emails to the right service, team or person

Quickly integrate your data

Speed up the time to search for info/ documents to answer your emails by seamless integrating to O365, Google, major ticketing platforms like Zendesk, ServiceNow and Salesforce, and RPA tools

Smart Reply with AI

Empower your first level team to make your customer engagement more efficient, by using the "Smart Reply" AI engine, you will save up to 40% costs and increase the answers quality up to 70%