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Automated Interaction & AI

EmailTree platform automates communication between insurance companies and their policyholders or brokers, significantly improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
Our algorithm automatically sorts all communications received across your channels, whether it’s about Claims Processing, Policy Management, or Insurance Policy Pricing.
We create software that's flexible and easy to use. Our AI integrates smoothly with your business processes so that you can tailor our solution to your needs with minimal disruption.

Reduce your workload by up to 75%

Claims and policies management

Getting insurance claims processed right away has a meaningful impact on customer satisfaction, along with the business and brand image of an insurance company
EmailTree can help your team process your customer's insurance claims faster and more accurately by analyzing data within emails, attachments, or text requests.
The insights also give them a comprehensive overview of what's going on in their customer's accounts without leaving Outlook or other dedicated tools so they can speed up claims processing and reduce customer frustration.
As a result, your customers no longer have to wait days or weeks as they can now get almost instant answers right away via their inbox!

AI-powered crisis management plan

From a generic autoreply to an intelligent one

When a natural disaster strikes, people are often desperate for assistance. As a result, they send all together many repetitive requests by email.
Commonly, insurance companies send an automatic response informing their policyholders that they will notify them as soon as they have any news. This lack of empathy negatively affected customer satisfaction.
Imagine‌ that you can send an instant reply to your customer—one that not only considers the intent but also the context of other elements such as personal names, address or in the email's content itself. That's what our AI does for you. It understands the customer's intent, and replies promptly using the right tone of voice each time

Audit management made easy

Processes, standardisation and visibility with AI Audit Tracking

Security is one of the key concerns of our clients, our tool helps to have the needed visibility of what you are receiving and what you are sending out. As AI automates email and audit data collection, automated reports, and in-depth insights, you will never have to worry about losing other records vital to your operations management.
EmailTree understands what is on your emails, easily collecting data that you can use to detect issues in your audit tracking processes you were not aware, as an example some of the data that should not be sent on emails. You can set up automated reports to provide you the key metrics to help you understand where are the gaps in your customer journey to improve.
We merge all of your organization’s audit data collection, tracking and reporting into one easy-to-use platform so that you can monitor your processes significantly mitigating your risks.

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