Understand your customer’s requests

Connecting the dots in your customer journey by unlocking your unstructured data

Smarter Decisions

Smarter Decisions

Get a clear picture of your customers, their sentiment, requests and language, so you can understand them at a glance.

Email Intelligence

Email Intelligence

Machine learning, NER and NLP helps you to extract meaningful information from any message automatically.

Actionable data

Actionable data

Make better, faster decisions on the fly without shifting through multiple sources of data.

Transforms email conversations into powerful insights

What if you knew your customers better?

Every customer is unique. If you want your customer service to shine and stay ahead of your competition, you must understand your customers' needs better and faster.

The foundations for your growth and innovation

Reduce the time it takes to understand your customers by up to 95% by gathering data instantly and processing it in real time with proven ROI.

As a result, you will gain a competitive edge over your slower competitors and increase your customer satisfaction, revenue and market share.

Identify the core message of your customer automatically

Identify the core message automatically

EmailTree enables your customer service agents or any other employee to instantly understand, assimilate and leverage key information in a conversation.

By using Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding), you identify the key elements of a message.

Get detailed reports on the next actions that need to be taken by customer service agents. Improve the pace of business by saving time, reducing errors and making informed decisions.


Experience the power of your data to optimize your customer journey

Experience the power of your data to optimize your customer journey
Extract key data with NER

Extract key data with NER

Automatically parse your email to make it easy for you to retrieve key data.
Identify sentiment on emails

Identify sentiment on emails

Adapt your tone to your customer's needs by connecting on a personal level.
Get data from EmailTree CRM

Get data from EmailTree.ai CRM

Integrate your own data into EmailTree.ai to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.
Identify language on emails

Identify language on emails

Recognize the language in less than a second and reply in the right language.
Identify data from your CRM

Identify data from your CRM

Connect your CRM helps you understand your customer better within a conversation.
Identify intent on emails

Identify intent on emails

Natural language processing helps you detect customer intents and needs automatically.

Take action quickly to exceed customer needs

Customers have their own expectations, but sometimes senders' intents and needs can be ambiguous. Emailtree.ai helps you craft the perfect response by providing additional customer data instantly from various sources.

On average, companies waste hours of their time on unnecessary manual checks for additional information about a customer.

By bringing data from your CRM or ERP into your messages conversations, EmailTree.ai makes it easier than ever to deliver exceptional customer service.

Bring data from your CRM or ERP into your messages conversations
Keep Customers Happy. Keep Agents Delighted

Keep Customers Happy. Keep Agents Delighted.

Keep your customers happy by providing them with lightning fast customer support, and give your agents the right tools to do their jobs.

By gathering key data and providing context, we make it easier for you to deliver excellent customer service more quickly.

Instead of having to sift through confused emails, your agents can focus only on delighting your customers.

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It's not just about email classification for us

EmailTree.ai helps you understand and respond to your customers more effectively, also enabling personalized and emphatic responses.

Understand your customer’s requests

Identify key data, by contextualizing the questions and key info of your clients such as language and sentiment, to significantly improve your “moments of truth” in customer service

Quickly integrate your data

Speed up the time to search for info/ documents to answer your emails by seamless integrating to O365, Google, major ticketing platforms like Zendesk, ServiceNow and Salesforce, and RPA tools


Automate your email classification speed, filtering and prioritization making it easier for your organization to automatically assign emails to the right service, team or person

Smart Reply with AI

Empower your first level team to make your customer engagement more efficient, by using the "Smart Reply" AI engine, you will save up to 40% costs and increase the answers quality up to 70%