EmailTree AI, the solution to increase e-mail productivity, now available on UiPath Marketplace


Press Release May 6, 2021- Solution developed in 2019 to automate e-mail composition – launched on UiPath Marketplace- EmailTree AI decreases response time

It’s official! EmailTree.AI Selected to Participate in the Leading Accelerator French Assurtech

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We are delighted to announce that EmailTree.AI join the 4th season acceleration program organized by French AssurTech among the hundred startups who

EmailTree AI strengthens its partnership with Webhelp to serve Samsung Electronics

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EmailTree AI announces significant enhancements of its partnership with Webhelp, to serve together Samsung Electronics and other clients. Thanks to the integration


Customer satisfaction is a vital part of any business. Keep your customers happy and your company will reap the benefits. Leave them dissatisfied, however, and you’ve got yourselves a problem. Customer service teams serve as

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13 Best Chrome Extensions for your Customer Service Team

For customer service agents, emails are the bread and butter of the job. Good emails are bound to get your customers’ attention, and handling a situation properly through a proper back-and-forth will make a significant

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25 Customer Service Email Templates to Cut Response Times

Average Handling Time (AHT) may be the most important aspect of customer service.  Here are sixty tips that help agents and their managers better serve their many users.  Average handling time (AHT) is the average

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60 Tips for Reducing Average Handling Time (AHT)

For any business, top notch customer service is essential. The experience you provide for your customers, including their overall satisfaction, partially depends on your business’ customer service. If people aren’t happy, you’re going to have

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5 steps to improve Your Customer Service

Logistics automation refers to the use of software, machinery, or control systems to increase operations performance. It usually applies to processes done in a warehouse or distribution center, resulting in minimal human intervention. Within a

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9 ways hyperautomation can improve customer service in logistics companies

Customer service has been an integral part of business enterprise for years.This discipline helps build trust and confidence in the mind of customers, which is a requisite for sustained growth and continued success. As technology

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9 Ways AI Can Help In Customer Service

Every brand faces its share of customer complaints. Clients can struggle with misinformation, disappointment, faulty products, and many other issues that lead them to complain. Responding to this feedback is a vital task for customer

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The 15 Best Ways To Respond To Customer Complaints

The business landscape has changed in the past year, but it’s clear that customer service skills are more important than ever. Today’s customers have adapted to a range of service models, including chat support, email

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21 Customer Service Skills Needed In 2021

How do you stay on top of your customer service queues? When your support team login and the first thing they see is a backlog of customer emails, it can be overwhelming, right?  Today, it

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7 Tips To Handle All Your Customer Emails With Ease

Your customers are the most important part of your business. Without them, you don't have much of a business. It's an opportunity to stand out and establish yourself as an industry leader with outstanding customer service.Whether you

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7 ways to reduce customer service response times in 2021

In today’s digital world, all businesses are looking for ways to deliver an exceptional customer experience while also spending less time and money.Marketers have been at the forefront of this movement, using software programs such

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What is Customer Service Hyperautomation?

EmailTree AI announces significant enhancements of its partnership with Webhelp, to serve together Samsung Electronics and other clients. Thanks to the integration of EmailTree’s artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with Webhelp’s automation platform, clients have benefited

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EmailTree AI strengthens its partnership with Webhelp to serve Samsung Electronics

What is customer service automation?  A great deal of companies sadly overlook their customer service, forgetting that it’s a vital part of the customer journey. Their attitude is rather oriented towards tending to the growth

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Customer service automation

For the moment, Artificial Intelligence cannot solve all spontaneous problems that can appear. But the human person who contributes to build that AI-driven solution can take that flight and go to the client to bring

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Can Artificial Intelligence take the first flight? Meet Maria.

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