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Improve your productivity by 30% and more with an A.I.-driven digital workforce

What is the impact of our AI automation software on bpo?

Cut operating cost

Reduce human errors

Maximize agents retention

Improve business operations

30 min

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Always meet your customer's budget

Reduce your workload to zero

Enhance your agents performance

customer service for the digital era

Integrate our AI into your customer service tools

EmailTree was designed to help your team improve their productivity. It is available on Outlook, Zendesk, and Salesforce, and with an agnostic Chrome Extension specifically developed for the BPO’s you can integrate automated replies with any CRM system or channel.
Your agents will benefit from an enhanced experience when dealing with your customers or prospects.

With Chrome extension you have the power of instant reply in your hand, handling all your communication channels; such as messaging, chat, or any social media. Fast to install, with no integration needed, it will improve your team and customer's engagement.

One Channel, One Answer

Any situation calls for the best reply

We understand that, as a BPO, your agents must adapt to the needs of your clients and the end users of their services or products.
It can be difficult for them to stay on top of so many different channels they have to manage and respond to.
Stop wasting time adapting your answer according to the channel used by the customer and the question asked.
Regardless of the channel you use, your customers' requests will be addressed in the best way possible!

Discover why Webhelp chose to take care of some of its biggest clients.

Automation is the Way to Go

Reduce your operational costs

Cutting costs is a key concern for BPO or SSC. One of the most effective ways to reduce costs is by increasing your productivity, by automating repetitive tasks that require little human skill.
From ticket classification to end-to-end automated responses, you will benefit from cost savings by producing the same workload with the equivalent resources.
EmailTree will provide the best quality response to any new or less experimented agent from the very first usage. Reducing significantly the time of the onboarding, and increasing the productivity of the team with no time loss.

Improve your process in the BPO Industry

and build stronger relationship with your customers

Process improvement with EmailTree
Process improvement with EmailTree vertical

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