Supercharge BPO and SSC Productivity with our AI-driven Digital Workforce

Experience a 30% or more boost in productivity with our AI-driven digital workforce.

Key Benefits of AI Automation Software for BPO:

Cut operating cost

Reduce human errors

Maximize agents retention

Improve business operations

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provided upon confirmation.

Always meet your customer's budget

Reduce your workload to zero

Enhance your agents performance

customer service for the digital era

Integrate our AI into your BPO customer service tools

EmailTree is specifically designed to elevate your BPO team's productivity in the digital era. Seamlessly integrate our AI-powered solution into popular platforms like Outlook, Zendesk, and Salesforce. With our agnostic Chrome Extension, tailored for BPOs, you can effortlessly incorporate automated replies into any CRM system or communication channel.

Your agents will enjoy an enhanced experience when interacting with your valued customers and prospects. With our Chrome extension, you'll have the power of instant reply at your fingertips, effortlessly managing multiple communication channels, such as messaging, chat, and social media. This user-friendly extension requires no complex integration, ensuring improved team performance and increased customer engagement.

One Channel, One Answer

Consistency and Efficiency in Customer Service

Streamline your BPO operations with our AI automation software that eliminates the complexity of managing multiple channels and adapting responses.

Our intelligent system ensures that regardless of the communication channel used by your customers, their requests will be addressed effectively and efficiently.

Say goodbye to time-consuming customization of responses and empower your agents to deliver exceptional service.

Discover Why Webhelp Chooses for their Biggest Clients

Join other industry leaders like Webhelp who have entrusted to handle their most significant clients. Experience the benefits of our AI automation software and witness how it can revolutionize your customer service operations.

Automation is the Way to Go

Unlock Cost Savings and Process Improvement

In the BPO industry, reducing operational costs and improving processes are essential for success. Embracing automation is a key strategy to achieve these goals. By automating repetitive tasks and providing end-to-end automated responses, you can reduce costs while maintaining quality service.

With, even new or less experienced agents can deliver high-quality responses from day one, reducing onboarding time and boosting overall team productivity.

Take Your BPO Operations to the Next Level with

and build stronger relationship with your customers

Process improvement with EmailTree
Process improvement with EmailTree vertical

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