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Automated Interaction & AI

Streamline communication between insurance companies, policyholders, and brokers with EmailTree's platform. Experience significant improvements in service quality and customer satisfaction.

Our advanced algorithm automatically sorts and categorizes all communications across various channels, including Claims Processing, Policy Management, and Insurance Policy Pricing. This ensures efficient handling of customer inquiries and requests.

We pride ourselves in creating flexible and user-friendly software. Our AI seamlessly integrates with your existing business processes, allowing you to customize and optimize our solution to meet your specific needs with minimal disruption.

Reduce your workload by up to 75%

Claims and policies management

Efficiently process insurance claims and policies with EmailTree. Timely processing of insurance claims has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and the overall business and brand image of an insurance company.

Our platform enables your team to process customer insurance claims faster and with greater accuracy. By analyzing data within emails, attachments, and text requests, EmailTree provides valuable insights and a comprehensive overview of customer accounts, all without the need to switch between tools. This streamlines the claims processing workflow and reduces customer frustration.

With EmailTree, your customers no longer have to endure lengthy wait times. They can receive almost instant answers directly in their inbox, improving their overall experience and satisfaction.

AI-powered crisis management plan

From a generic autoreply to an intelligent one

During crises like natural disasters, people often seek urgent assistance, leading to an influx of repetitive email requests. Unfortunately, many insurance companies respond with generic autoreplies, lacking empathy and leaving customers dissatisfied.

Imagine being able to instantly respond with a personalized message that considers the customer's intent, personal details, and the content of their email. Our AI makes this possible, delivering tailored responses with the right tone.

With EmailTree's AI-powered crisis management, provide a compassionate and individualized experience to customers in challenging times. Enhance satisfaction and build stronger relationships through intelligent communication.

Simplify your audit management

Improve processes, standardization, and visibility with AI Audit Tracking.

Security is a top concern for our clients, and our tool provides the necessary visibility into your incoming and outgoing communications. With AI automating email and audit data collection, generating automated reports, and offering in-depth insights, you can rest assured that no vital records will be lost.

EmailTree understands the content of your emails, allowing for easy data collection to detect any audit tracking issues you may not have been aware of, such as sensitive data being sent via email. Set up automated reports to gain key metrics and identify gaps in your customer journey for continuous improvement.

Consolidate all your organization's audit data collection, tracking, and reporting into one user-friendly platform. Monitor your processes and significantly mitigate risks.

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