9 Use Cases of AI-Powered Shopify and RPA for eCommerce

Dear eCommerce business owner, are you witnessing unprecedented shopping cart growth, but a low percentage of checkouts? We got you. 

Shopify is one of the dopest eCommerce platforms out there. But to scale your business in sync with the Gen Zs, add Shopify automation software tools. Fret no more, we have prepared the GOAT (greatest of all times) 9 use cases of AI-powered Shopify and RPA for eCommerce players like yourself.

At EmailTree, we have been wrapping our heads around how we can make the shopping experience grow with the new generations of digital natives. We have put ourselves in their lit shoes, and below you will find years of experience and brainstorming solutions that you can implement straight away to add AI and RPA inside Shopify. 

It’s high time we delegate repetitive tasks to human-centered AI e-commerce bots and put to rest dinosaur-worthy processes!

Top 5 advantages of using AI and RPA for eCommerce with Shopify

#1 Reduce human error | Say goodbye to deleting by mistake an important customer service message, an emergency email left unanswered, or forgetting to change something the user requested.  

#2 Reliability | And say hello to eCommerce task automation - having your client service messages labeled and answered at the right time, thus leading to premium communication flows.

#3 Speed | There is nothing as scary as a Millennial or a Gen Z that hasn’t received their order “yesterday”. Need we say more?! It will also leave creative time for your team to focus on innovating your business. 

#4 Cost-saving | Using AI and RPA for eCommerce will be cost-effective in the long term when you think about the mistakes that you will be avoiding. It will also be like a gift that keeps on giving because the AI will improve as it is being used. 

#5 Scalability | As an eCommerce business owner, your goals are to grow. It can be by the number of clients, the solutions or products that you offer, but also the markets you are addressing. AI is your boarding pass. 

Identify your AI use cases in e-commerce and free up time

Expectations are getting higher in the digital age, especially with eCommerce process automation. The customer service department has been put under a lot of pressure in the past couple of years to be fast, friendly, and feasible. 

If you are looking to even out the scales between issues and creative solutions, stop brushing under the rug the first ones and let’s tackle the second with RPA for eCommerce. Doing the same thing over and over again is for mice in a laboratory, not for crafting a strong brand that aims to also serve Generation Alpha, those born between 2010-2024.

Automate product return queries

“Hello, sorry to bother you, how can I return the product I just ordered? It appears that I exceeded my shopping budget this month. Thank you. #forevergrateful”

In short, customer service teams can benefit from a friendly EmailTree RPA and AI process that helps them triage emails as they arrive. Building loyalty to your brand begins with smooth returns. On autopilot, EmailTree understands the intent of the customer, creates the return shipping label, and sends it to the customer. In this way, the customer can easily return their purchase and you won't have to deal with any returns manually.

Automate invoicing and payment collection

“Hey there, I think there is a bug with your invoicing? I am a loyal customer and right after I make the purchase I usually receive an email about payment collection. Let me know the next step.”

If this is a familiar issue with your invoice and payment collection process, then we have the right solution for you. Processing of customer complaints can be automated using RPA for eCommerce. It is standard for everybody and it can become a hassle if not handled properly. 

Automate Shopify Order Tracking ( WIMO question)

“Top of the morning, I wanna check when my order is coming so I can be home. Can you please share with me the tracking order? Thanks.”

It’s a no-brainer. People want access to their order details, which should also contain the delivery tracking number to schedule their days. eCommerce task automation will save you a lot of time and fewer back and forth emails. 

Automate quote generation

“Hi, I would like to use your service. Can you help me understand the different fees? Much appreciated.”

Quote generation is important for getting leads and sales. But the process can turn dark like a scene in Game of Thrones. With a knowledge base linked to your pricing table, you can provide instant answers to questions like "What is the price of an iPhone 5S with 16GB of storage and a 3-year warranty extension?".

Automate eCommerce fulfillment 

“Hey, sorry for this, but I made an order, canceled it, then made another one. When do you think I will be able to receive the new order? Have a great day.”

Automating eCommerce fulfillment has the purpose of speeding up deliveries while saving time, and reducing human error and costs. It is a requisite for companies without a brick-and-mortar footprint and it comes in handy when inventory time knocks on your digital door.   

Automate refund processing

“Hello, I have begun the process of returning an item. When do you think you will be able to send the refund?”

Refund processing is important to build trust in your brand. You must answer these types of inquiries fast and personalized. It’s also important to have all the logistics set in place so your clients can receive their money back as promised.

Through EmailTree, you can connect your ERP to Shopify, automate the process end to end, and eliminate time-wasting tasks.

Automate user account data changes

“Hi, I have recently got married and I would like the new invoices to come with my updated family name, but I cannot see the change in the account. Can you please help me? My new name appears in the signature of this email. I look forward to hearing back from you.”

Managing multiple user accounts manually? Turn it into a thing of the past if you want to increase productivity. AI and RPA for eCommerce tools can help protect customer data while keeping your system up-to-date with confidential information from multiple sources. Using NER and intent detection, you can extract data from emails, including addresses and surnames, and update your shopify database with that data.

Automate upsell and cross-sell based on customer data

“Hey, I have been using your products for a while now, and I was thinking if you have any recommendations of what I should upgrade. Let me know. Thank you.”

Data helps companies make predictions, like what a customer needs next time, or maybe what is missing from his order for follow-up ones. It will turn new customers into regular ones and even ambassadors of your brand. It's important to automate a selling funnel with the help of AI and email automation. 

Automate FAQs responses

“Hello, how can I place an order on your website? Can I get it delivered for free in Germany? Thank you.”

Want to make your clients happy? Make them feel listened to by answering their questions fast and with a personalized message. Emails are your business card: automate them and use AI generated reply

  • Identifying AI use cases in e-commerce. ✓
  • Taming your inbox flow. ✓
  • Responding to customers fast, with personalized messages, and on point in a matter of seconds, no matter the time or zip code. ✓
  • Freeing up your customer sales agents from repetitive tasks. ✓

These are all the steps for turning a company into a legacy brand that Alpha and Beta generations will appreciate. You are very welcome! 

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