9 ways hyperautomation can improve customer service in logistics companies

Logistics automation refers to the use of software, machinery, or control systems to increase operations performance. It usually applies to processes done in a warehouse or distribution center, resulting in minimal human intervention.

Within a supply chain, several processes can be automated, including warehousing and distribution processes. Delivering cargo on time without complication is a must in the transportation industry. More than ever, shipping companies rely on logistics automation services to coordinate freight, delivery times, customer support, contracts, and more.

Logistics automation is necessary to run an efficient, cost-effective logistics company. As if all this weren't enough, logistics automation can also drastically improve your customer service. Let's take a closer look at exactly how:

Reduce Errors

Humans are prone to mistakes. Errors in data entry can mean poor customer service. By using a hyperautomation software dedicated to logistics and shipping, you will be able to respond to most of your customers' requests in a matter of seconds.

Without automation, mistakes in customer service, warehousing, and invoicing can lead to longer shipping times and increased costs.

A solution like EmailTree controls your service and customer data, so your responses to clients are timely and accurate, saving you time and money.

Customer Support

Your customers judge your business based on their ability to get the information and help they need.

With hyperautomation, customers get a rapid response to questions. Through NER (Named Entity Recognition) the system can recognize key language in email correspondence.

Questions about delivery updates can for example be automatically answered.

No longer do you have to wonder how to respond to frustrated customers or spend valuable time sorting through a sea of emails. Automation software handles these tasks for you.

Automation enables companies to automate their call centers, thereby reducing staffing requirements. Requests for information about orders are delivered immediately to the appropriate person, boosting sales. You can automate the tedious questions for price quotes, so you can spend your time doing what you love.


Transportation companies deal with a lot of important customer data.

Payment transactions, company names, and email addresses must be handled securely. Supporting customers in tracking their transactions is essential for customer service.

They must be able to get the answers they need quickly. Customer service automation systems issue receipts, response emails, and billing statements while keeping information secure.


Managing a shipping business is an act of extraordinary coordination. Logistics automation companies provide coordination services from the convenience of mobile devices.

Now customers and employees can retrieve the information they need from anywhere. They gain instantaneous access to weather information, contact information, and loading and unloading processes.


Reputation is everything in the business world. When your transportation company responds quickly to inquiries, customers take notice.

A track record of positive customer service leads to a higher rate of customer retention.

As customer satisfaction grows, you gain a name for being a company that meets customer's needs right away. What's more, hyperautomation systems let you send customer satisfaction surveys. Customer feedback gives insight on how to improve and what's working well. Increased customer satisfaction leads to customer retention, and that means an increase in revenue.

Increase Productivity through analytics

With a well-configured customer service dashboard, you gain access to reports informing you of your transportation company's history and trends.

This information allows you to see areas of overlap and gaps in the system so you can increase productivity. Using analytics to monitor data in real-time enables you to make better decisions based on what's currently happening.

Increase Control

Logistics hyperautomation helps you increase control over your freight's risks, costs, and management by giving you access to optimal plans and route guides. Your team's logistics experts are best suited to handle this level of control, implementing optimal routes for drivers.

You'll receive updates about delayed orders before shipments are due so you can adjust your plan accordingly. Because the system is fully accessible by mobile device, easily communicate all information with your employees in real-time as much or as little as you would like.

With hyperautomated customer service, your logistics becomes cost-effective and efficient. The system is flexible enough to your company's rules and so internally and externally robust as to adhere to the policies that guarantee efficient and profitable shipping.

Scalability & Speed

Logistics automation software provides quick and easy access to the system from anywhere.

What was once an insurmountable amount of overwhelming paperwork now becomes a weekly report of consolidated invoices, no matter how many shipments you have in each location.

As your business grows and will with logistics automation software working for you, the system scales with you. 

It's able to handle as many orders, shipments, employees, calls, and emails as you can throw at it.

Service Level Agreements

Handling contacts is a delicate matter in the transportation industry.

Contracts are the bread and butter of any shipping business, and you can't afford to let a contract slip through the cracks.
SLAs are handled automatically by logistics automation systems, which keeps you up-to-date on all transactions.

Automating workflows allows you to track who viewed and signed contracts and to always have easy access to them.

Logistics hyperautomation Solutions

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