The Impact of Automation and AI on the Future of Work

It should be a very important goal to establish an effective, productive, and positive work environment for your employees. We have written about many ways to achieve this, but one problem keeps popping up: the futility of repetitive tasks. 

It is truly astonishing how much time these repetitions take up in our daily lives, not just at work.

Having to type passwords, delete spam, and fix typos wastes time, which kills motivation, creativity, and productivity.

The issue is nicely described in the recently published article by “The Economist”. 

A new way of working can be achieved if we use technology to solve this problem of repetitive tasks.

AI, NLP, RPA... All of them provide useful solutions; it all depends on what type of problem you are trying to solve. 

EmailTree can help in a number of ways: it can suggest responses to emails, and it has "email intelligence" that will extract meaningful information from any message. 

Also, it can be used in a multilingual environment, identifying the language of the email and generating a response in that language.

EmailTree can identify language and sentiment, as well as provide additional customer data from different sources that can be imported quickly. It saves you time by eliminating manual information checks. 

Also, EmailTree provides automatic inbound email filtering, sorting and prioritizing, which is a valuable time saver.

To put it simply, it automates repetitive tasks, understands email messages, and composes replies in order to reduce your employees' workload.. 

These new office automation tools have the potential to change the atmosphere at work completely. 

In most cases, your software will automate repetitive tasks while your employees use their skills, creativity, and priceless "human touch" to handle more complex tasks. 

They become more fulfilled people, motivated and inspired. They do better and better at work now that they finally have the time to hone the really important skills. 

And all of this is felt throughout your business, it cascades like a waterfall improving your team members collaboration. The work is of higher quality, the tasks are finished more quickly, the end product improves, and your end users become increasingly satisfied.

If you have achieved this, you have successfully implemented a new way of working into your workplace. This requires a bit of forward-thinking to actually choose an automation tool. 

It means you've got to rethink your well-known processes and habits and train your employees to use a whole new tool. 

All of this can be a little bit scary, but the results are definitely worth it. 

What better way to delight your employees and indirectly also your customers? 

Your employees no longer experience a “slow death” at work, falling into the rut of sorting emails and typing the same responses over and over again. 

The opportunity to do something more meaningful will greatly increase your internal and external stakeholders' engagement in the process. Customers, employees, and employers all benefit from a modern, new way of working.

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