Can Artificial Intelligence take the first flight? Meet Maria.

For the moment, Artificial Intelligence cannot solve all spontaneous problems that can appear. But the human person who contributes to build that AI-driven solution can take that flight and go to the client to bring the needed support during the adoption process. You may wonder what is this all about? 

It is about the Team behind, and the mix between human intelligence and spontaneity that characterize us (as humans, generally) and the fact that AI remains a tool (built by humans), a productivity tool.

Therefore, I decided to start a series of episodes to speak about who is behind every small or great step of EmailTree. 

Meet our team




Data Protection Officer 

My task is to ensure that the organisation processes the personal data in compliance with the applicable data protection rules. Also I am responsible of quality assurance, onboarding and training for new users.

Generally when we all participate to a team building, the reason is to get together, have some fun, speak about lot of things and maybe work a little, just a little...

It was the same thing yesterday when being in Sibiu, Romania, with our team. Until around 17:00 when emails from a customer service team using EmailTree started to arrive saying: "This feature does not work ...".

Maria (who knows EmailTree by heart, with closed eyes...) and Andrei (our CTO) took a look at that feature, into the logs. And they observed that the persons at the customer service at our client are using that feature differently than we built it, differently than we thought it should work…

I mean, if the user is not able to use a feature to gain productivity, an AI driven feature, then this will block the adoption of that AI based tool. And if the customer service is not using it to save time and be the first satisfied by that tool, how can we imagine that the client of our client can be satisfied… It is a chain reaction.

When Maria heard the client's request, immediately she said: 

"Can I take the first flight tomorrow morning and go to the client, observe how they use our tool and help them ? But also help ourselves…, because the feedback I will have being there, worth a lot for us. We will correct and adapt EmailTree to make it work the way the client need, in the most user friendly perspective. I mean it is a productivity tool we provide, based on AI techniques, this must save time, lot of time to our clients ".

So this morning Maria took the 1st flight to Luxembourg and now she is already on the premises of our client, observing and supporting both them, and us! Awesome Maria!

This is to say that Artificial Intelligence it is not a miracle, does not come from somewhere in the clouds… The way we understand AI and the way we built EmailTree is to empower humans with tools that help them save time, create more and more satisfaction for them and their respective clients. 

And all of this is possible because of persons like Maria! It is not the AI who took the flight this morning at 4:00, it is a human person, motivated to create satisfaction to our clients.

Thank you Maria, great job! As always.

Next Episode, Andrei, our CTO. Sorry Andrei for not starting this series with you, I imagine you were also surprised by Maria’s reaction/decision. I will go deep into the great moments, and the difficult ones, and continue to highlight the mix human/machine, as we see it at EmailTree AI.

Casius Morea


6th of November, 2019 

Somewhere between Sibiu and Bucharest, Romania, while going to present EmailTree AI to a group of Romanian Business Angels and VCs. By the way, when you invest in EmailTree AI, it is not just because of an incredible technology, it is also because of the Team who built it! Join our train and let's build together a champion.

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