Customer Success Story: Peipro

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„Each agent today after less than a year can manage between 25 and 30% more customers. ”

Andres Bustos (Director)

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INDUSTRY: Debt Collection



"We improve business processes. Possibilities are endless, from cost reduction, time improvement, elimination of bureaucracy and paperwork, to avoid the need of manual typing among other costly inefficiencies.."

1. What is Peipro's primary activity?

Peipror's approach to collection services is unique because they focus on a close customer-company relationship, rather than the typical agency model, where employees are focused solely on collecting money from customers. 

The intensive use of new technologies and automation makes Peipro one step ahead when it comes time for debt collections; however, their expertise lies in qualified professionals who can deliver customized service specifically tailored to your needs, no matter how large or small those may be!

2. The challenge

It’s difficult to find a good balance between automation and personalization when dealing with customer requests. 

As Peipro grows, the number of customer requests increases, which makes it difficult for agents to handle all the requests themselves. 

This means that Peipro needs to automate some tasks that agents do in order to free up their time so they can focus on providing a personal touch to their interactions with customers. However, if too much automation is used, customers may feel like they are not being cared for which could lead to them leaving Peipro. Finding the right balance between automation and personalization is essential in order to scale successfully.

3. The solution

With the growth of our company, we needed to find a way for us scale without losing that personal touch and customer service excellence.

As a company that relies heavily on Salesforce, we were excited when EmailTree offered their AI-powered solution to integrate seamlessly with our core platform. The integration was successful and allowed us more time for work because it fulfilled all of your requirements--even those you didn't know existed!

4. The Result

EmailTree has increased our productivity by 25%, without changing our work habits. That's a big gain for us! But we also improved the quality of life at Peipro - today, employees are happier to come to work because Emailtree makes it easier for them to delegate manual tasks to AI

- Handle 25% more customers without sacrificing quality.

- Work in a secure environment that lets you focus on your job.

- Flexible work hours for a better work/life balance.

- Feel like a superhero, being able to juggle more customers at once and keep them happy.

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