TypingDNA Leads Zero-Trust Behavioural-based Endpoint Security Wave with EmailTree.ai & BWM Mediasoft Partnership

Luxembourg City, October 12, 2023- TypingDNA has formed a strategic alliance with EmailTree.ai and its dedicated e-commerce division, BWM Mediasoft. This collaboration taps into BWM Mediasoft’s global marketing expertise to broaden the reach of TypingDNA’s innovative security solution and ensures comprehensive support for its users.

Leading the change at the intersection of Zero-Trust, Endpoint Security and Behavioural Biometrics, TypingDNA’s innovative method capitalises on using each individual’s typing style for authentication, presenting a fresh perspective on behavioural biometric-based endpoint security.

Behavioural biometric security focuses on utilising unique typing patterns as a means of continuous authentication, particularly serving the purpose of reducing unauthorised use of corporate computers. TypingDNA ActiveLock is a desktop application that runs on Mac and Windows machines, continuously monitoring who’s using the device, and effectively preventing unauthorised personnel from accessing key privileged data.

EmailTree.ai, with its e-commerce division BWM Mediasoft, has crafted an end-to-end customer service platform & solution aimed at boosting customer satisfaction. BWM Mediasoft’s e-commerce solutions offer an integrated platform that facilitates seamless distribution, easy access, and scalable support for products like TypingDNA’s security solution. 

BWM Mediasoft’s robust infrastructure is enhanced by their revolutionary AI-driven customer service, ensuring that TypingDNA’s solution not only reaches a vast audience but also benefits from prompt and intelligent support. Coupled with their e-commerce capabilities, this partnership is set to redefine security standards and elevate the overall user experience.

TypingDNA’s Recognition in 2023
TypingDNA has been distinguished for its commitment to innovation and excellence in the biometric verification sector. Their unique approach to behavioural biometric security, utilising individual typing patterns for continuous authentication, stands out as a revolutionary method, earning them significant recognition in 2023.

Casius Morea, CEO of EmailTree.ai, didn’t mince words:

 “Teaming up with TypingDNA? It’s the future. Their tech redefines security. And with BWM Mediasoft’s e-commerce muscle, we’re not just supporting an amazing security product; we’re shaping the future of digital protection.”

Raul Popa, CEO of TypingDNA, added:

“In a world where Zero-Trust and remote working collide, we urgently need solutions such as TypingDNA ActiveLock on each and every single computer, to continuously verify who’s using our PCs at all times, significantly improving endpoint security posture. We’re happy to work with BWM Mediasoft to distribute TypingDNA ActiveLock to European markets where our technology has virtually no counterparts.”

As the digital landscape evolves and cyber threats become more sophisticated, the demand for robust security solutions like biodynamic security is on the rise.

Key Takeaways

  • Pioneering Typing Biometrics: TypingDNA’s approach positions typing biometrics, a.k.a. the way people type, as the gold standard for continuous authentication.
  • AI-Driven Support: Harnessing BWM Mediasoft’s AI, customers are guaranteed intelligent and rapid assistance.
  • Global Vision: This isn’t just a product launch; it’s a global mission to redefine digital safety standards.

For a deeper insight into this revolutionary partnership and its potential benefits for your organization, reach out to Casius Morea at EmailTree.ai or explore EmailTree.ai official website.

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