Streamline your MSP operations with our AI-driven Process Automation Platform Your AI-Powered Ticket Management Solution for Automating MSP repetitive tasks and elevating Service Delivery

Efficiency is Key

Streamline MSP Operations and Maximize Productivity with AI Automation and RPA Integration

Optimize Operations

Leverage advanced AI capabilities to automate repetitive tasks and reduce errors.

Enhanced MSP Service

Delight clients with lightning-fast response times and proactive, personalized issue resolution.

Tackle the Challenges of MSP Ticket Management

Why Efficient Ticket Management Matters

As an MSP (Managed Service Provider), you understand the importance of efficient ticket management to drive business growth and ensure customer satisfaction. The constant influx of service tickets from clients can be overwhelming, impacting your team's ability to stay ahead and deliver timely resolutions. Unresolved tickets may lead to dissatisfied customers and hinder overall productivity.

Introducing Your AI-Powered Ticket Management Solution for MSPs

We offer an advanced AI-based automation platform designed to help MSPs tackle ticket management challenges effectively. Our state-of-the-art platform leverages AI technology, including machine learning models and ability to "feed robots" (RPA - robotic process automation tools), to automate repetitive tasks and streamline the entire ticketing process

With our customizable AI-powered system, efficiently identify patterns and allocate resources, routing tickets promptly to the right team members. Our platform goes beyond ticket routing by launching APIs and/or RPP, for tasks execution and seamless automation.

Whether you're a small or medium-sized MSP, our AI-based MSP automation tools are designed to meet your specific needs and drive efficiency in your business.

Cost Optimization and Manhour Efficiency for MSPs

Our platform's smart email routing and automated responses are designed to ensure faster ticket resolutions, elevating customer satisfaction, and streamlining ticket management.

By leveraging intelligent ticket routing, ensures that tickets are directed to the most suitable team members, or APIs/RPA robots, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing idle time. This seamless allocation of tasks leads to enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs.

As your MSP experiences growth, rest assured that scales effortlessly, adapting to handle increasing ticket volumes with consistent efficiency. You can focus on expanding your business and providing exceptional services to your clients, knowing that our platform is ready to meet the demands of your growing operations.

Ready to Witness the Power of

Automate ticket Management with the power of AI,ML & API/RPA

Smart Email Routing

Effortlessly directs emails to the appropriate MSP team based on the incident type or customer query.

Automated Responses and FAQs

Utilizes AI-based best replies to instantly address customer inquiries, expediting support resolutions.

Automated Escalation

Leveraging SLA parameters and predefined rules, our advanced system automates the escalation process.

Automated Ticket Generation

Create automatically support tickets from incoming emails with relevant informations.

Email-Based Data Extraction

Extract information from incoming emails, such as contact details, and automatically populate ticket fields

Launch RPA tasks

Initiate RPA processes with industry-leading players like Rewst, UiPath and reduce manual efforts in your MSP operations .
Effortless Integration & Maximum Efficiency

Seamless Integration for Hassle-Free Onboarding

Our custom Onboarding team ensures a smooth implementation from day one, guaranteeing minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. From RMM tools to professional services automation, our seamless API and RPA integration provide a hassle-free onboarding experience.  

But it doesn't end there. Our AI-driven platform, powered by advanced RPA capabilities, takes your MSP operations to new heights. Leverage AI algorithms to monitor and control resources effectively, streamlining your processes and saving valuable time.

Improve response times with intelligent automation that prioritizes and assigns tickets to the right technicians. By embracing the potential of AI and machine learning, you can deliver exceptional value to your clients, while the added power of RPA ensures repetitive tasks are automated for increased productivity.

Empowering MSPs for Next-Level Efficiency

Tailored Solutions for Every MSP

We believe that your MSP's processes should dictate the technology you use—not the other way around. With, you have the power to customize workflows to match your team's existing operations seamlessly. Our platform adapts to your preferred ticketing and service desk management strategies, streamlining your operations without disrupting established procedures.

Our AI-powered platform empowers you to automate tasks based on your MSP's distinct needs. Whether it's automating ticket assignment or responding to customer queries with AI personalized messaging, is your ally in crafting tailored automation that enhances your service delivery.

Experience the unparalleled customization and flexibility of's AI-driven process automation platform. Request a free demo today and witness how our tailored solutions align precisely with your specific MSP requirements, setting you on a path to success and growth. Let us be your trusted partner in revolutionizing your MSP operations.

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It's not just about email classification for us helps you understand and respond to your customers more effectively, also enabling personalized and emphatic responses.

Understand your customer’s requests

Identify key data, by contextualizing the questions and key info of your clients such as language and sentiment, to significantly improve your “moments of truth” in customer service


Automate your email classification speed, filtering and prioritization making it easier for your organization to automatically assign emails to the right service, team or person

Quickly integrate your data

Speed up the time to search for info/ documents to answer your emails by seamless integrating to O365, Google, major ticketing platforms like Zendesk, ServiceNow and Salesforce, and RPA tools

Smart Reply with AI

Empower your first level team to make your customer engagement more efficient, by using the "Smart Reply" AI engine, you will save up to 40% costs and increase the answers quality up to 70%