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They Say

Corinne Lozé


Orange Luxembourg

“We are very proud of this achievement, the innovation and digital transformation are the heart of our strategy and we want to reinforce the partnerships with the startups.”

Cristian Botezan

Customer Service Manager

BWM Mediasoft

"The partnership with EmailTree AI started from our desire to increase efficiency/productivity and reduce the response time, while considerably increasing customer satisfaction."

Benefits of Using EmailTree AI for Your Company


Cost savings

Reduce operating costs and increase throughput across the entire organization.

Process improvements

Get more done in less time. Add/change processes as needed.

Resources redeployment

Allow employees to offload tasks and focus more on the customer and the task at hand.

Improved productivity

Minimize manual, error-prone processes, no spelling errors in the responses sent out.

Digital transformation

Fundamentally change the way you operate and deliver value to customers.

Improved customer service

Solve faster any customer issue and eliminate human errors for better customer satisfaction. 

Efficient team management

Increasing team engagement/retention. Shorter training periods for new members.

Increase sales

Save precious time to invest more time in the sales. Happy customers bring other customers.

How Does EmailTree AI Works?

Automatic classification

Each email and customer request is automatically categorised into sections and can be assigned to specific people or departments.

Intents detection

Automatically detect customer requests and associated data (e.g. phone numbers, email address, bank accounts) which will be used as variables to automate specific tasks.

Tasks Automation

Implementation of the latest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies in order to automatically perform supervised/unsupervised complex tasks through a multitude of components/applications: customer databases, CRMs, accounting, procurement, eCommerce components, payments, document management etc.

Reply suggestions

Personalised reply suggestions are generated automatically, which can be sent with one click.

Drag & drop, send!

Personalise every suggestion in seconds, with drag and drop of blocs of text. Always the human is in control.

Reply in multiple languages

Choose between several languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Luxembourgish, etc. (Latin alphabet-based languages).

Making A Real Impact In Your Workflow



Decrease in average resolution time per email



Average resolution time per email



Sales increase

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