Orange and EmailTree: the Customer Experience Reinvented

An AI start-up also have dreams: deploying our advanced technologies under the umbrella of an international telecom group. And this is happening, when building the partnership between Orange and EmailTree AI.

EmailTree AI comes as an end-to-end AI-driven solution to empower customer services & support teams with more productivity tools, while increasing customer satisfaction.
NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), ML (Machine Learning) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) techniques are used in order to reply faster to emails, automate email composition and trigger automatic actions in databases. 

Inside Orange Luxembourg, EmailTree's artificial intelligence applies to complex and technical issues and questions, specific to the telecom industry. In extension to this, 5 languages are used in the dialogues between the customers and the Customer Service & Support teams. It happens quite often that a message starts in one language (like French) and ends in another language (English for example). A cosmopolitan environment. 
How EmailTree AI works?
The algorithm is able to read the emails, understand the different situations and issues, in order to prepare optimal and quick replies suggestions. Requests and exchanges are classified by tasks types. Replies suggestions are proposed and the different teams (customer service and support) choose the suitable ones. Every action and reply are a resource to learn using the supervised and unsupervised machine learning process. EmailTree AI learns step by step.

Which are the objectives for Orange?
- reducing the load on the customer service
- increasing productivity when managing text requests  
- increasing customer satisfaction

Which are the objectives for EmailTree AI?
- large-scale deployment of our advanced technologies 
- improve the different features and develop new ones
- proving the efficacy into an international telecom group
Above all, EmailTree AI is a productivity tool. The artificial intelligence helps the human reaching a higher value-added. And it is always the human that keeps control. The reply suggestions proposed by the AI can always be improved by the human touch. 
Corinne Lozé, CEO Orange Luxembourg : 
"We are very proud of this achievement, the innovation and digital transformation are the heart of our strategy and we want to reinforce the partnerships with the startups."Discover the complete article in the January 2020 edition of #PaperJam ICT, Special Forecast : 25 experts speak about the challenges of the year
Orange & EmailTree AI: the Customer Experience Reinvented

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