25 Customer Service Email Templates to Cut Response Times

For customer service agents, emails are the bread and butter of the job. Good emails are bound to get your customers’ attention, and handling a situation properly through a proper back-and-forth will make a significant mark on your customers.

In reality, however, there is usually a long list of customer inquiries, issues, and complaints that a customer service agent must get to.

Now well-written, heartfelt emails would be great, but having to start from scratch and personalize every single email can be appreciated to an extent, except it’s going to take a relatively longer time to stave off the number of tickets and emails you’ve yet to reply to. Which… isn’t good in the long run.

In essence, customers look for good quality service and fast response times. One cannot go without the other, otherwise, it risks being called “bad service”, or worse: your customers run off to your competitor.

So what can we do to grasp how to reply faster to emails? What can we do to be able to cut response times while giving the well-intentioned and well-meaning emails?

This is where customer service email templates come in. Email templates are ready-made emails that can be sent to customers quickly, especially to those with common inquiries. In the case of an uncommon issue or problem, simply change a few key phrases from the email, and it’s instantly personalized! No need to start from scratch to be able to send that quality email-- just plug and play and you’re good to go!

Ready to use some shiny new customer service email templates? Here are a couple of situations where you’re going to need some! Feel free to tweak them as needed.

An Onboarding Email

Some quick tips when writing an onboarding email:

It should arrive a few minutes after the client registers from the website, or immediately after buying a product or service.

The email should only be composed of 60 - 130 words, as customers don’t read long emails.

Hi {{Customer Name}}!

Welcome to the {{Company Name}} family!

We appreciate you giving us a try! With that being said, we will try our best to provide you with excellent service.

Oh, but before anything else, head on over to our onboarding page {{Link To Onboarding Page}} to get acquainted with our product/service.

Done with the basics? Take a look at our wide range of resources! {{Link to Resources}}

Want to personalize your account a bit? {{Link to Customization Page}} Feel free to customize your account to something that suits your preferences best!

Need help on something? Don’t hesitate to contact us! {{Link to Contact Page}}

We just know you’re going to love it here, and we plan to make you love {{Company Name}} even more as time goes by!

All the best,

{{Agent Name}}

A Response to a Feature Request

Some customers tend to be enthusiastic about the products and/or services your company has to offer, so an appreciative response would be best for a good customer experience.

Hi {{Customer Name}},

We’d like to thank you so much for your concern-- it means a lot to us that our valued customers want to take our products/services up to the next level and evolve them along with us.

We’ve already added you to a follow up list, so that as soon as we have news regarding this feature in the future, we will be able to reach out to you.


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Used to Capture Feedback

Customer feedback is a vital part of making one’s product or service even better. Sometimes, asking for feedback the right way is all it takes to gain valuable insight from your customers. These particular emails are best sent after a customer has just received a purchased product or service.

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Thank you for choosing {{Company Name}} for your purchase!

Here at {{Company Name}}, we value your experience, and we want to make sure you always love what we have to offer. As such, we’d be glad to hear what you have to say about us. Your honest feedback helps us ensure that you always get the best experience we can provide.

We know your time is valuable, which is why it’ll just take a few quick clicks and some optional typing. Does that sound good? If so, the survey form can be accessed here: {{Link to Survey}}

Thanks so much for your time,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email of Gratitude for a Customer’s Positive Feedback

Customers can also come forward with positive feedback. An immediate response with this templated message will make them feel heard:

Dear {{Customer Name}},

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know your honest feedback! Kind words like yours keep us working hard to continue providing the best products and services for our valued customers.

We only hope to continue serving you to your standards.


{{Agent Name}}

An Email to an Angry Customer

Handling angry customers is a bit tricky, but the best approach usually is to offer the customer some options they might not have considered, and to work with them to find the right solution to their problem.

Dear {{Customer Name}},

Thank you for your email.

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience. We assure you that we understand your concern.

If I have understood you correctly, {{Rephrase the Problem}}.

I am forwarding your problem to the appropriate department so that someone can take a closer look at what is happening immediately.

Kindly wait a few hours and one of my colleagues will contact you as soon as possible to help solve your problem.


{{Agent Name}}

A Response to a Customer Complaint

Having a template for dealing with complaints can also come in handy:

Dear {{Customer Name}},

I deeply apologize that you had this experience. I realize that {{Reiterate Problem}}, and for that, we will definitely need to turn more to our value of {{Related Value to Better the Problem}}.

I’ve just passed this issue on to the appropriate team. Kindly standby. One of our experts will take a closer look and contact you ASAP.


{{Agent Name}}

An Email for Fixing an Issue

Sometimes some issues need to be fixed, and a customer will email you asking for help. This template can help resolve any issue.

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you explain to me in more detail how {{Problem Occurs}}?

When did you start having this issue? Is it a recurring problem?

Let me know any details you think might help us resolve this issue. Screenshots or screen recordings would be great, if you can manage to take them!

Glad to help,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email for Reminding the Customer to Renew their Subscription

Customers sometimes need that reminder to renew their subscription. These emails need to be sent within a certain time period before their subscription expires.

Hi {{Customer Name}},

We’d like to thank you for the continuous support by using our product/service for the past {{number of days, weeks, or months}}.

It’s come to our attention that your {{monthly/yearly}} subscription is about to expire! Are you interested in renewing your subscription? We’d like to continue serving you the best that we can, so if you’re currently having doubts, give us a chat and we’ll be glad to hear out your concerns!


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Informing a Customer that their Subscription or Contract has Expired

There are cases when customers do forget about renewing their subscription. This template can help with such a scenario:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

We’d like to thank you for your support by using our product/service for the past {{number of days, weeks, or months}}.

It’s come to our attention that your {{monthly/yearly}} subscription has already expired on {{Date of Expiration}}! If you want to renew your subscription, it’s quick and easy, just click here {{Link to Subscription Renewal Page}}.

We’d like to continue serving you the best that we can, so if you’re currently having any doubts about your subscription renewal, give us a chat and we’ll be glad to hear out your concerns!


{{Agent Name}}

An Email to a Customer to Request for Various Requirements for Site/Service Registration

Sometimes, some extra requirements, such as Valid IDs and other documents are required for customer registration when more secure transactions are called for. This is the email to send when requesting for additional details and requirements:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Thank you so much for choosing to register with us here at {{Company Name}}.

In order for your account upgrade to push through, and for our future transactions to be ensured secure, we need a couple of required documents before we proceed to the next step. Kindly provide the following:

{{List of Requirements}}

Thanks so much for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon!


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Response to a Customer Requesting a Refund

It’s also inevitable for customers to ask for refunds. They may do this because they aren’t satisfied with the product or service they received, or they may request for a refund due to cancelling their subscription too late. Either way, it’s your job to deal with this situation, and this email template is there to help you get started:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Your refund has already been processed; you should see the exact refund amount appear in your bank account within {{number of days}}.

We are truly sorry you did not love your service/product. If there is any way we could assist you to find the right one, kindly let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

We hope to see you around again here soon!


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Response to a Customer Requesting a Refund to Something Non-refundable

Of course, there will also be cases when a customer requests for a refund for a product or service that cannot be refunded. With these types of situations, you’ll need the following kind of template:

Dear {{Customer Name}},

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced due to the product or service you purchased. We acknowledge that {{problem}} has made it quite difficult to reach your goal of {{goal with product or service}}-- we’ve fallen short of your expectations.

I’m afraid we are also unable to file for a refund for this, due to {{reasons}}, but here is what we can help you with: {{alternative solution}}. We can also provide you with a discount of {{percentage}} off with your next purchase from our line of services and products.

We hope this helps ease the burden somehow. If there is any other way we can help, our lines are open.


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Response to a Customer Asking for their Refund’s Status

Refunds might take a while to appear on the customer’s end, which makes it understandable that customers will be asking about it from time to time. This email template can help reassure the customer:

It’s also inevitable for customers to ask for refunds. They may do this because they aren’t satisfied with the product or service they received, or they may request for a refund due to cancelling their subscription too late. Either way, it’s your job to deal with this situation, and this email template is there to help you get started:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

We’re reaching out to you about your refund, issued on {{date of refund}}.

Your refund has been deposited into your card ending in {{card digits}}. The refund amount will reflect on your account within {{range of days}} business days.

In case the refund doesn’t push through within that amount of time, kindly respond to this email and we’ll look into any issues that may have arised.

Happy to help,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email Responding to a Customer Who is Asking for a Resolution

Sometimes a customer will ask for follow-ups regarding the solutions to issues they’ve raised before. You can answer them politely with the following:

Dear {{Customer Name}},

We understand your concern and are currently doing our best to {{reiterate solution to problem}}.

Right now, your issue is taken care of by {{Name of Department}}, and is in capable hands.

We value your customer experience and we encourage you again to contact us if you encounter any difficulties.

I will inform you immediately when your problem is resolved; would you prefer that I reply to you by Email, SMS, or phone?

Kind regards,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email to Help a Customer with a Simple Task

Sometimes, customers need help to simply navigate from a page to another page, or to do any other simple task that is already on your company’s resource page. A simple redirect would do, like so:

Dear {{Customer Name}},

Thanks for reaching out!

It seems this page {{Resource Page}} can further help with your concern. If you have any more questions or issues though, I’ll gladly help you through them!


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Checking In with a Customer

 Your goal with this particular type of email is to make sure the customer knows the ins and outs of your service or product. This email will also make them feel as though help is accessible if ever they have any questions or concerns

Hi {{Customer Name}},

We’re just checking in to see how you like our product/service so far! If something has been unclear or confusing, feel free to let us know, and we’d gladly help you sort things out.

A quick peek into our documentation {{Link to Knowledge Base}} might help guide you through your experience with our product, as well.

If there’s no problem, any form of feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


{{Agent Name}}

An Email for the Customer’s Birthday

Show your customers you value them by sending this email on their birthday:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Happy birthday from your family at {{Company Name}}!

Since it’s your special day, we can’t help but give you a certain special something to celebrate! Open your present now at {{Page with Gift}}, but hurry, it expires at {{Date}}.

Thank you so much for your continuous support!


All the best wishes for you on your special day,

{{Company Name}}

An Email Responding to a Discount Request

Customers also tend to ask for discount requests, and sometimes, there isn’t any that can be provided. Here’s how to handle this scenario:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Thank you so much for supporting us here at {{Company Name}}.

We appreciate your interest in adding options to what we offer-- such suggestions, we keep in mind all the time. However, at the current moment, we do not offer and discounts for {{product or service they requested}} as we believe it is already at its best value.

It will please you to know that we’ve worked our hardest to get these products / services out to our valued customers, so for now, you can consider this an investment in our product.

Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Kind regards,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email to Help with the Busy Season

There will be days when customer emails and tickets come in left and right, so sometimes, an automated message is important to let your customers know that your mail client has received their message-- it’s just that you can’t get back to them immediately.

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We acknowledge the receipt of your email, however we don’t want to leave you in the dark about the status on our end: our Customer Service agents are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and emails, resulting in longer response times than we’d hoped for.

For queries, consulting the knowledge base {{Link to Knowledge Base}} might help. Otherwise, kindly allow us to get back to you within {{number of hours or days}}.

Thank you for your understanding!

Kind regards,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email Asking a Customer for a Referral

There will come a time when you have to ask your customer for a referral. This is usually done when you are certain they’ve had a positive experience with your company’s products and services. The following template can help:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Thank you so much for continually choosing to experience our products and services-- we’re happy to know that you’re enjoying your stay with us so far. Helping our customers has always been at the core of all of our products and services, after all, and as such, we’re always on the lookout for more people to aid.

Perhaps you might know a few people who might benefit from our range of products and services as well? It would be a pleasure to serve them as we do with you.

In any case, thank you so much for considering to aid us in growing our community!

We look forward to your response.


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Asking a Customer for a Review

Reviews are essential to boosting your company’s reputation and popularity. Customers your company has built solid trust with and has been receiving positive feedback from are the best people to ask for their reviews. Here’s a bit of a nudge towards the right direction:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

Thank you so much for your continued patronage!

It definitely warms our hearts to know that you have a good experience with our products and services.

If you’d like to share your experience using {{Product or Service}}, we’d greatly appreciate it if you drop us reviews at {{Review Site Links}}. Who knows? It could be your review that will help us widen our reach, and in turn, give us more means to provide you with even better service.

In any case, we are immensely grateful for your time.

All the best,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email Announcing a System Maintenance/Upgrade

Sometimes, a system maintenance is all that’s needed to improve your company’s products or services. Unfortunately, some of these scheduled maintenance hours have downtime, and you definitely have to warn your customers about that!

Hi {{Customer Name}},

We are going to hold a system maintenance/upgrade on our servers on {{Date and Hours of Maintenance}}, which will cause all site activity and transactions to be paused until the maintenance is over.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but we wanted to let you know ahead of time so that you may plan your transactions and your website activity around this scheduled upgrade.

Here at {{Company}}, we only want the best for our customers, and we believe that this system tweak is something beneficial to you in the long run, as it will help us serve you better.

For any comments or concerns, feel free to drop us a line here {{Link to Contacts}}.

Thank you for your kind understanding.


{{Agent Name}}

An Email Inviting a Customer to a Webinar

Webinars are growing more and more popular as time passes, which means there might be a time when you’ll have to email customers webinar invites left and right! Here’s a brief guide on how to go about that:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

We’re pleased to announce that on {{Date}}, we’re going to hold a webinar entitled {{Webinar Title}}! It’s a pretty interesting topic, and we’re hoping to see you there!

The webinar is jam-packed with experienced speakers, such as:

{{List of Speakers and Topics}}

You can find more information about the event and the speakers here {{Link to Webinar Event}}.

To RSVP, you can click here {{Link to RSVP Page}}.

A live Q&A will also be held at the end of the talk, so if you have any comments or suggestions you’d like to tell us about the topics at hand, then by all means, feel free to join us.

We’d love to have you as our guest.

Kind regards,

{{Agent Name}}

An Email Re-engaging a Customer

It is inevitable for some customers to be inactive at some point. Reconnecting with these customers is very important, and what better way to reconnect than with an email? First, you have to keep track of how many days (or weeks) of inactivity they have under their belt, and then you can send the following email once a certain threshold has elapsed:

Hi {{Customer Name}},

How are things on your end?

We haven’t heard from you lately, so we’ve decided to reach out!

We want to make sure that you get the best experience you can with us here at {{Company Name}}, so if there’s anything we can help you with, just shoot us an email-- we’d be up for a chat!

In light of this, we thought you’d want to use this special discount code: {{Discount Code}}, made exclusively because we’d love to see more of you!

Hoping to see you around!

{{Agent Name}}

Of course, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

You’ll still have to tweak most of these based on the specifics of your company and industry.

Some of these scenarios, you’ll never even encounter! But one thing’s for sure: you’ll see how much time you’ll be saving when you use customer service email templates.

There will definitely come moments when you realize you get enough of a particular customer email or a particular scenario that you end up telling yourself,

“This could use a template.”

Emailtree is powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence technology combined with Natural Language (NLP)  processing, giving us a unique ability to quickly examine user intent and tailor efficient responses in seconds.

Our Algorithm will respond to your emails automatically and give you the information you need about what your customer wants. The next time you see them, they will feel that you are helpful and approachable. With our Service Desk app you will be able to maintain regular contact with your clients 24 / 7 / 365.

By automating your customer support, your business will save time, decrease its costs and increase productivity. 

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