Customer Success Story: Kompass France


"Sort through your emails by attacking the root cause”

 Raymond RAKOTONIRINA (Customer Service Team Leader KOMPASS France) 


"Since its origins, Kompass mission is clear: connecting you with your potential buyers. To do so, we rely on high quality data: geographical coverage, depth of data, reliability and freshness of information.
As a reference database for B2B and B2C marketing in France and abroad, Kompass offers innovative solutions for turnkey prospecting and customized data consulting services (cleaning, enrichment, segmentation). We respond to the operational needs of marketing and sales departments: market share acquisition, improvement of customer knowledge, development of business awareness."

1. What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our solution?

Our goal was to automate responses to our daily email flow and route messages to the correct departments/contacts inside our organization.

2. What made our solution stand out from other alternatives?

An easy-to-use tool that combines the playful side of learning with a good ergonomics.

3. What has made you most happy about working with our company?

An efficient tool and a team always available.

Coaching and support all along the implementation and during the first months of use. Regular updates with our project manager and fine tuning of the settings to meet our needs as closely as possible.

4. What have you been able to accomplish since you started using our solution?

Through automation, my team and I have been able to get ride of certain emails that were previously taking up our time, by sending them automatically to the correct department.

5. What would you say to someone reviewing our solution?

“If you no longer wish to spend your time sorting spam, manually forwarding emails to your usual recipients, etc., in short, if you want to save time, adopt EmailTree"

 Raymond RAKOTONIRINA (Customer Service Team Leader) 

6. If you had one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

"Conquered" because the tool convinced me of its capabilities and potential.

7. What was an unexpected benefit you experienced while using our solution?

My team found it easy to learn and to adopt.

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