Customer Success Story: JM Band




INDUSTRY: e-commerce

„You are on a mission, you are ahead of your time and we want to be your partners.”

                                 Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern (General Manager)


"JM Band is one of the leading suppliers of customized paper wristbands, festival wristbands, and tickets. Since 1993, JM Band has supplied organizations and private customers with hugh-quality products and high service levels."

1. Challenge

JM Band receives thousands of customer requests per month, in 11 different languages, regarding very diverse products (new orders, prices for different products, delivery time in different countries etc.).

It is very challenging for a small Customer Service Team to answer the customers’ requests in time (meeting SLA) while using multiple languages.
At the same time, visibility over the status of the emails is necessary for easier management.
Moreover, finding an efficient way to prioritize important emails is key for maintaining a high level of customer and partner satisfaction.

2. Solution

EmailTree AI addresses every single challenge mentioned above by using Artificial Intelligence (ML, NLP, NLU), through a series of smart functionalities:

    - Automatic classification of emails into predefined sections - brings high visibility and already prioritises emails according to their typology;
    - Dispatch of emails - very useful when multiple Customer Service representatives use the same shared mailbox;
    - Smart Reply - EmailTree AI prepares reply suggestions for the user to only approve and send;
    - Templates - when sending standard emails to partners;
    - Language detection and Translation feature - reply to an email even if it is written in another language;
    - Action Manager - manage the overall activity;
    - Daily Dashboard (reports) - visibility over the volume of emails, their status, AHT etc.

3. Benefits

“After only a few months, EmailTree AI already saves us time.” 

“We are willing to spend time, to save time.” 

Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern (General Manager)

4. Expectations and plans for the future

„We looked for an email system to help us respond to emails and yours is the most scalable one. I’m purely about efficiency. My goal is to activate Automatic Reply next.”

Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern (General Manager)

*Automatic Reply = the capacity of the platform to automate from end to end the reply process. EmailTree AI understands the text, generates the reply and sends it directly to the customer with no human intervention.

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