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EmailTree AI reinvents the customer experience with an intelligent end-to-end customer service automation.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, EmailTree.AI will suggest the best answers/email replies (output) for an email inquiry/questions (input) to help the user respond quicker.

By using the AI Reply Generator add-in to respond to questions, EmailTree.AI builds a knowledge base (training its data models) to become increasingly accurate in suggesting responses.

The Outlook extensionAI-Powered Reply Generator, interacts with Outlook email (item) in the read mode, performs the AI/ML/NLP on the email body, and based on the results, it returns the response suggestions back to the user. These suggestions can be manipulated (changed/updated) or used as they are in the user’s customer reply.

Based on the replies, EmailTree.AI improves his knowledge base (training his AI/ML data models) in order to improve the confidence of his suggestions in the incoming emails/items.

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Our Add-in is available in the Outlook web application and the Outlook desktop application.

Respond to customer emails faster using our Outlook Add-In

Your productivity increases by responding to customer emails faster using our Outlook Add-In.

Overview of EmailTree.AI platform and Outlook Application data exchange

Account and authentication

The EmailTree.AI Outlook AI-Powered Reply Generator uses the Bearer Token authentication mechanism. The user the Outlook AI-Powered Reply Generator has to create an account on EmailTree.AI platform (using the signup link provided in the add-in) prior to benefit from AI-Powered Reply Generator.

 EmailTree.AI authentication mechanism

Data exchanged with EmailTree.AI (tenant):

  • Authentication credentials (email, password)
  • Email/Item (body as HTML) - to retrieve the suggestions
  • Reply message (as HTML) - to train the AI models
  • Add/Edit Block - to create/update block of texts used in the suggestions

When the user first opens the AI-Powered Reply Generator,  will be prompted to login (if he already has an EmailTree.AI account) or to create an account.

AI-Powered Reply Generator authentication/login form

The confidence level is a percent value between 0-100, and represents the suggestion accuracy determined by EmailTree.AI platform.After the analysis is complete, EmailTree.AI, returns the suggestions along with the confidence level for each one.

To increase the accuracy/confidence level the user has to grow his knowledge base (this is done by using the add-in to build the email replies)

In the background the AI-Powered Reply Generator will send a request to EmailTree.AI with the built reply in order to improve his knowledge base (AI learning). This way the accuracy for similar issues(questions) will be increased.

EmailTree.AI permanently learns and improves his knowledge base based on the user actions performed in the Outlook AI-Powered Reply Generator.

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