EmailTree AI, the solution to increase e-mail productivity, now available on UiPath Marketplace

Press Release May 6, 2021

- Solution developed in 2019 to automate e-mail composition – launched on UiPath Marketplace
- EmailTree AI decreases response time to e-mails
- A service that uses technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Natural-language Understanding, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation

May 6, 2021: EmailTree AI, a end-to-end solution that automates e-mail composition and reduces the response time to e-mails, has been added to UiPath Marketplace, a web library of pre-built Robotic Process Automation (RPA) content developed by leading enterprise automation company UiPath. The e-mail technology was listed on the UiPath Marketplace in March 2021.

EmailTree AI is an end-to-end solution launched in 2019 that increases e-mail (text requests) productivity, automates the composition of texts, and generates automatic actions in databases. EmailTree uses NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies.

The idea of EmailTree AI was born in 2015, the concrete development starting in 2017, based on the 20 years of experience of the founder Casius Morea in e-commerce and customer relations services. The company with offices in Luxembourg, Sibiu, Timisoara, and Paris has clients in various fields such as telecommunications, e-commerce, utilities, Business Process Outsourcing, automotive. Some of the EmailTree AI clients are Orange Luxembourg, EDF, Webhelp.

"No matter how hard we try to streamline the work of responding to e-mails by dividing them into different categories of importance, e-mails occupy a significant part of our activity. Sometimes, errors can occur and we forget to reply to an important e-mail. EmailTree AI is a hyper-automation solution that can reduce response times and the presence in UiPath Marketplace honors us and confirms the usefulness of our product"

Casius Morea - CEO and founder of EmailTree AI

EmailTree AI can be used in many languages (those based on the Latin alphabet), including Romanian, English, German. The solution is mainly used by e-commerce platforms, customer service providers, or support teams.

The algorithm scans e-mails (or any text requests), processes the information to understand the various situations and issues reported and prepares suggestions for optimal and quick responses. Requests and correspondence are classified according to the types of tasks. Feedback suggestions are proposed automatically and the different teams (customer relations and support) choose the right ones. Every action and response given to customers is a resource through which the solution is improved using supervised and unsupervised machine learning processes.

In general, all types of text requests can be treated so that the same automation can be applied regardless of their source (SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp). The Chrome extension, available in the MarketPlace Chrome for two months, allows clients to manage text requests regardless of their source, as long as they come from a Chrome page (Linkedin, Airbnb, Whatsapp, Facebook).

UiPath Marketplace was launched in 2018 as an answer to the UiPath Community’s need for a space to share knowledge via an open exchange of reusable RPA components. The library includes custom activities, connectors, machine learning (ML) models, offering solutions designed to solve business challenges across multiple industries.

About EmailTree Ai

EmailTree AI is a complete end-to-end Artificial Intelligence solution that responds faster to e-mails, automates text composition, and generates automated actions in databases. EmailTree uses NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), ML (Machine Learning) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies. The company was founded in 2019 and currently has offices in Luxembourg, Sibiu, Timisoara and Paris.

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