13 Best Chrome Extensions for your Customer Service Team

Customer satisfaction is a vital part of any business. Keep your customers happy and your company will reap the benefits. Leave them dissatisfied, however, and you’ve got yourselves a problem.

Customer service teams serve as the front line that deal with the business’ clients firsthand, and anyone who has been in such teams knows full well that there is a fine line between good customer service and bad customer service.

Professionalism and efficiency are key factors that can make or break a customer’s fair judgment of the company, and as the company’s representatives, there is a higher demand for such values.

In today’s fast-paced world, having a quality arsenal at your disposal makes all the difference. Fortunately, with the growing number of tools online, success in gaining and maintaining customer satisfaction is constantly within reach. In fact, you don’t even need to purchase high-end software to get the job done with flying colors-- these tools can help you from only your browser!

The following is a list of 13 useful chrome extensions that will change your customer service workflow-- for the better! Let’s take a look.

1) Calendly  

Calendly works as an automated appointment scheduler. It gives you the flexibility to choose your free hours for meetings, which it will then forward to clients interested in reaching you so that they can choose which among your free hours are most viable for their schedule.

Calendly then sets up an appointment for both parties-- all without requiring either party to talk to each other in real-time.

The people behind Calendly understand that the problem lies not only in the act of scheduling itself, but also lies in the discussion of when to meet up.

Calendly allows you to skip the time-consuming back-and-forth regarding the time, date, and place. Apart from that, you can easily track your team’s time tables, and set up event templates to save time.

With Calendly, setting up appointents is definitely a breeze, giving you time for other more pressing concerns.

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Evernote is another essential when you’re working in the front lines. Apart from taking screenshots, Evernote allows you to edit them on the fly, even giving you the option to annotate and highlight webpages!

Customers won’t be kept waiting as there is no need to ALT+TAB to any photo-editing software.

Keeping essential web records organized is also made easier with Evernote, as it syncs to multiple devices, allowing you to answer important queries even when on the go.


There are moments when we want to say something, but whatever we type, it just doesn’t seem to come across.

Wordtune is an extension made for these kinds of situations, allowing us to skip that valuable thinking time used to produce emails.

It’s an AI-powered tool that deeply understands context and semantics, and, with a few tweaks of the settings (such as desired length and tone), it will unknot the fumbles in your words and produce the perfect email.

In an email-centric environment, Wordtune is a must-have if you want to save time without skimping on professionalism. Just tell it what you want to say, and it’ll do the rest-- clearly, concisely, and fluently.

EmailTree AI

While Wordtune was made specifically to make your emails and messages better-phrased, EmailTree AI was created to make the entire emailing process less tedious, by a whole lot!

Another AI-powered extension, EmailTree learns from data it encounters from previous emails and responses, which helps it analyze incoming emails so that it can provide predictions of how you would respond, all wrapped in a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

It can even help you dig information and file attachments needed from previous emails, to be passed to the customer. With this technology on your side, your customers are sure to be surprised with the speed it will take for you to handle issues.

Catching up on emails can take so much time, but unfortunately, they cannot be avoided. EmailTree makes this daily task a breeze, boosting your team’s productivity and efficiency by an impressive margin.


Completing the email-crafting squad is the more syntax-oriented Grammarly, an extension that can spot typos and grammatical errors, saving you from the occasional embarrassing email.

Impress your customers with high quality writing, even on the most demanding of days.

Proper spelling and grammar may seem like little things, but they contribute so much to your customer’s respect, and an overall better user experience.


Sometimes it’s better to show than to tell, and Screencastify can help you do exactly that.

Screencastify lets you record your screen (plus your voice and your webcam output), edit your recording, and upload it, all in the comfort of your browser window.

With Screencastify, not only will you save yourself some time going back and forth trying to explain a complex series of instructions (or anything similar), your customer will appreciate the effort you took to deal with their issue or query, adding high points to customer satisfaction and experience.

Magical - Text Expansion

In the Customer Service industry, it’s normal to find lines of text, email addresses, and URLs getting thrown around here and there-- some more than others.

Copy-pasting all these lines of text is usually the go-to solution for most occasions, but when copy-pasting doesn’t seem enough, that’s when the Magical extension steps in.

Magical lets you assign shortcuts to all these important paragraphs and phrases, even letting you group them, format them, and share them!

These shortcuts are even synced across all the Chrome browsers you sign into! Stave off a couple of hours of typing per day using Magical shortcuts.

Toggl Track - Productivity & Time Tracker

Of course, if you want to know how much time you save each day (or how much time you overspend), you need a way to keep track of it. Toggl Track is a customizable timer that comes with tracking reminders and idle detection. 

Apart from that, it can even be integrated into the tools you might already use, such as Trello, Slack, and Asana. The cherry on top is: you don’t have to open a new tab or window to use it!

Track the time you spend on each ticket, or track the time you spend writing emails.

Whatever task it is Toggl Track will give you a more accurate representation and analysis of the hours you spend doing tasks so that you’re more informed on which ones need more improvement on the time aspect.