EmailTree AI strengthens its partnership with Webhelp to serve Samsung Electronics

EmailTree AI announces significant enhancements of its partnership with Webhelp, to serve together Samsung Electronics and other clients. Thanks to the integration of EmailTree’s artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with Webhelp’s automation platform, clients have benefited from reducing average handling time, improved customer experience, employee engagement, and reduced costs. Through this partnership, the EmailTree platform provides a number of services/components that are personalized according to specific needs and together we delivered 20% performance improvement, as a start. That is something to be recognized as a great match between the three and let’s introduce their story further on.

Webhelp technology platform has allowed an easy integration between EmailTree AI and Samsung Electronics’ internal software, providing an effortless user experience to customer service employees. The success of this collaboration is reflected in the 20% initial performance improvements recorded, with an expected 50% improvement as we consolidate the collaboration and work towards increasing the number of services provided.

Webhelp recognized EmailTree AI’s tool that plays a central role in standardizing clients’ communication systems and improves its usability. With an exponentially growing number of emails, EmailTree AI’s software provides a trusted, easy-to-use graphical interface that allows users to add, edit, and organize their emails. Webhelp’s client Samsung Electronics has seen firsthand the use of advanced natural language processing technology (NLP), the software correctly evaluates the customers’ requests, understands the context of the communication, and suggests automatically the correct personalized answer.

Abira Siran, Senior Professional, Customer Experience Manager at Samsung Electronics France, explains:

“The high-tech industry is ready to take technology and innovation to the next level helping to design a better customer and employee experience. Digital interactions have the highest potential to create innovation at scale, and Webhelp has enabled this through its innovative partnership with EmailTree AI. These initial results are very encouraging. The program delivers a more intelligent way of working to allow the operational team to naturally choose quality over quantity.”


Raluca Leonte, Head of Global Delivery & Transformation at Webhelp, said: 

“We are delighted to see this initiative generating such standout results so far. It’s exciting to know that we can expect the program to deliver up to a 50% increase in performance as we scale in the future. Our partnership with EmailTree AI is part of our commitment as a technology enabler to ensure that our clients benefit from best-in-class solutions designed and delivered in the right way to serve their brand and customers. Omnichannel strategies are more important than ever, and in a global, multilingual business like Webhelp, automation is a critical part of enabling our people to take brand experiences to the next level. We know that AI and ML are quickly evolving in text-based channels such as email, and as a company founded in the digital era, we are continuously helping our clients further their digital transformation agenda.”


Both Webhelp and their client Samsung Electronics could see the difference with improved productivity, things done in less time which allowed agents to focus more on the customer and a task on hand. Results show that this union works great together and benefits are mutual- all three companies could proudly say that they accomplished their goals with the high level of customer satisfaction. Keeping in mind that all needs are different and should be personalized applies also in this area where Webhelp had increasing productivity while managing text requests coming from Samsung Electronics users. Everyone wants to be served evenly, without lost time and to feel important so this is where EmailTree comes up as the one that connects all of the components by simply being available whenever you need its software. 

Casius Morea, Founder and CEO of EmailTree AI said:

“We’re thrilled to partner with such an innovative player like Webhelp, with such a deep understanding of what’s needed to drive a stellar digital experience. Our mission is to reinvent the customer experience with intelligent end-to-end customer service automation driven by people. Naturally, as technology enablement is a core pillar of Webhelp’s culture, we were delighted to partner to strengthen their offering to clients across multiple sectors.”


Product management is an important part of any business, and it's essential for customer satisfaction. This partnership will allow all three companies to work together in order to provide consumers with an experience that is more personalized and efficient. By working with EmailTree AI, Webhelp and Samsung Electronics within have gained a valuable partner that will help them improve their product and customer experience.

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