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CLIENT: BWM Mediasoft




Founded in 1998 in Romania, BWM Mediasoft Group is nowadays a leader in Electronic Software Distribution on several markets (France, Benelux, Romania, etc.)


  • Email Composition
  • Automatic Reply Generation
  • Robotic Processing Automation
  • Automatic Invoice generation
  • Automatic Payments Processing
  • Tasks Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Address Book Management
  • Support Team Management
  • Automatic Licenses Generation

Our organization is always focused on the clients’ satisfaction. We offer to our clients simple and effective products. We understand their needs, anticipate and answer them as fast as possible, in a flexible and comprehensive way. Every satisfied customer is another step to success!

Since 1998, BWM Mediasoft has been an official Electronic Software Distribution partner for top leaders from software industry such as: Microsoft, Eset, Bitdefender, MEGA, G Data, Panda Security, F-Secure and many others.  

Microsoft Office 365 Software

B2B and B2C

ESET Antivirus Security Software

B2B and B2C

Bitdefender Antivirus Security Software

B2B and B2C

Situation prior to EmailTree implementation:

Inside our organization, each agent performs a series of chronological tasks in order to answer to a client’s demand or issue. Some examples: 

Manual tasks executed before using EmailTree

  • Manually search in clients’ databases
  • Manually verification of all the issues explained by the client in his or her e-mail
  • Manually search for the history of our client, is he/she our client or not
  • Modifications of different elements like address, emails or personal information into client’s account
  • Sending a customize offer to a client keeping in mind his or her needs
  • Manually replying to customers emails

KPI: Average Handling Time (AHT)

The time spent on a client’s demand/issue always depends on the complexity of the client’s questions.

If the client writes us with regard to a complex demand or issue, our AHT will increase because our agent will need to do more verifications and modifications in our databases, then prepare the answer to the client’s e-mail.

The average AHT spent on a customer’s demand in our company was in medium 5-6 minutes (previous February 2018).

Description of EmailTree solution

The partnership with EmailTree AI started from our desire to increase efficiency/productivity and reduce the response time, while considerably increasing customer satisfaction. 

The EmailTree solution helped us to automate most of our workflow and manually tasks. 

Tasks, processes and workflows automated by EmailTree

  • On the EmailTree interface we can see the client’s account (if he/she is a client or not). EmailTree helps us and automatically suggests similar existing accounts in our database in order to identify the right client.
  • If any of our customers ask an update on theirs account, EmailTree automatically interprets this request and updates the customer’s account with the new information.
  • EmailTree automatically generates and sends offers directly from the client’s account. When received the OK from the customer, EmailTree automatically sends the invoice of the order and an automated email explaining the next steps for the payment that needs to be completed by the customer.
  • When responding to a customer’s email, EmailTree automatically proposes suggestions for the email response. This allows us to respond to the email in a matter of seconds in some cases.


After implementing the EmailTree solution in our organization, the time needed to solve different tasks decreased significantly because most of our tasks have been automatized with EmailTree. It automatically executes and completes the largest part of assignments in our Customer Support Department.

Time saved per day through task automation and email composition

Since using EmailTree solution, our Customer Service and Technical Support Departments saves more than 60% of time spent per day on emails, demands or technical problems.



Average resolution time per email and costs for customer service operations.

Average Handling Time (AHT)

The average time spent on a customer’s request has considerably decreased. We can treat and answer to customers in under a minute in most of the cases. In more complicated issues the AHT went down to 2 - 3 minutes because of the efficiency, suggestions and reaction of the EmailTree’s algorithm. This allows to propose better SLA globally.

1 min

Average resolution time per email.

Customer satisfaction

Many of our customers applaud our reactivity and our time response. We receive daily compliments from customers and business partners regarding our proactivity, reaction time and our ”Can Do“ attitude.

Our customers feedbacks show us that we are on the right road to success. This drives more positive energy overall, for our internal teams and our customers.


Increase customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Increased sales by using saved time to perform added value tasks

BWM Mediasoft’s sales have significantly increased since we’ve started using EmailTree.

With the extra-time that EmailTree gave us, we can focus more on our marketing plan and strategies to increase future sales. This allow us more time to review our traditional e-commerce methods and to try different and new ways in order to increase sales, acquire new customers, get existing customers to buy more and improve customer loyalty.



Sales increase.

Customer Service Robot

What is Customer Service Robot?

“Customer Service Robot” is a target-specific, home-brewed automation software, used for various operations on a daily basis. The purpose of such tool is to improve productivity and efficiency internally while boosting end-user’s experience with prompter responses. The robot is capable to interact with data from internal platforms, identify requests, make decisions and take actions in both internal and external platforms. The automated process is transparent, it describes each decision and action in a human-readable document, and it can run without supervision or human assistance.

"The partnership with EmailTree AI started from our desire to increase efficiency/productivity and reduce the response time, while considerably increasing customer satisfaction."

Cristian Botezan, Customer Service Manager, BWM Mediasoft

Cristian Botezan

Customer Service Manager, BWM Mediasoft

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