Customer Success Story: Dog Chef


„The strength of EmailTree in terms of AI is really this ultra-personalization side when faced with questions from customers. ”

Charlotte Jacquet (Head of Community Delight)

INDUSTRY: Ecommerce

COUNTRY: Belgium


"We believe that food should be natural & healthy for humans and animals. And guess what ? This is our mission. Dog Chef is a Belgian pet food scale-up cooking personalized fresh and healthy meals for dogs, ordered online & delivered at home for free."

1. What is Dog Chef's primary activity?

Dog chef is a company that prepares fresh, healthy meals for dogs. These meals are cooked transparently with fresh ingredients. The meals are highly digestible and contain good sources of fiber, which promotes beautiful poop! Dogchef's meals are a fantastic source of energy for dogs and promote a healthy immune system.

Today, the company has grown from 4 employees to more than 100 and provides meals for 20,000 dogs. Dog chef's mission is to ensure that each dog lives a well-balanced, happy, and healthy life by providing them with nutritious food.

2. The challenge

At Dog chef, we believe that our customers come first. 

We are proud to serve over 20,000 dog owners throughout Europe with customizable packages of fresh food straight from their doorsteps.

Although we can't know all of our customers individually, we want to treat them with a high level of personalization.

Getting back to our customers quickly and producing excellent quality is our priority so that our customers don't feel discouraged and leave us.

Our customer service team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service. With a total of 15 members divided into two distinct groups, we offer both proactive advice and support for all incoming requests across numerous channels.

We understand that every customer request is unique and requires personalized attention. That's why our dedicated agents take the time to personalize each response, while at the same time using the macros and shortcuts in place. We are always looking for ways to ensure that we provide fast but attentive service.

And that’s where EmailTree comes in!

3. The solution

Experience a simpler and faster Zendesk experience with the EmailTree application. The AI delivers lightning-fast assistance, selecting the appropriate macro in no time at all while also customizing replies through dynamic text blocks for your exact needs.

Watch the latest Zendesk-Dog chef webinar below and learn how Charlotte Jacquet, Head of Community Delight, uses EmailTree in Zendesk to make the Dog chef experience more streamlined and efficient.

4. The Result

EmailTree is set to revolutionize the way we work by freeing up our teams' time for tasks that require a human touch, allowing them to focus on tackling more complex issues.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, our team can quickly and effectively identify areas where more complex solutions are required. This allows them to apply their expertise on higher value tasks while freeing up time for training - ensuring that they always remain one step ahead!

New agents can look forward to a stress-free onboarding experience with! Not only does it make the process smoother, but they'll also have their very own dedicated assistant ready and waiting in Zendesk to provide smart suggested answers so that every customer query gets answered without hassle or worry - helping everyone enjoy more relaxed working conditions as soon as possible.

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