EmailTree AI Winner of Hack The Crisis Hackathon

25 April 2020 - EmailTree AI, the end-to-end AI-driven solution for customer service hyperautomation, has been selected as the the Winner of the Hack The Crisis hackathon organised by Docler Holding in collaboration with Farvest, the House of Startups and Junction and with the support of local tech communities and organisations. 

This was a call to action for each and everyone to participate in the fight. It is inspired by the Hack the Crisis movement born in Estonia, followed by numerous other nations. 

There were five categories for applications such as Save lives, Save education, Save communities and social bond, Save businesses and Think about tomorrow.

EmailTree AI for Healthcare Communities

Through this event, EmailTree AI demonstrated that the hyperautomation technology developed since 2017 is mature, flexible and can be adapted to different case studies, scenarios and industries, such as healthcare.

The summarised objectives of the submitted project are:

  • Breaking the social and technical isolation, while linking the persons to relevant community members such as healthcare professionals, using a combination of technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) etc.
  • Monitor the community health events submitted by individuals from the community in order to detect eventual pandemic outbreaks
  • Offer valuable information regarding possible pandemic events
  • Answer to a large volume of questions in the shortest time possible
  • In case of infection, offering indications and remotely answer questions to people who are in home isolation
  • Contribute to the safety distance between individuals by reducing the need to physically go to specialised medical staff or medical institution (e.g. hospital)
  • Contribute to the crisis management workflow (e.g. staff management, logistics, recruitment of additional staff etc.);
  • Offering a complete solution for effective remote work of qualified personnel (administrative and medical services)

Watch below the video of the submitted project.

EmailTree AI The Big Winner

"In the category Save Lives we have also the overall winner of this competition who got the best ranking from all the jury members: EmailTree AI with the project Healthcare for Communities. As a Luxembourgish startup, you already have advanced technology. You did a great job to adapt your technology to break the social and technical isolation by linking the citizens with relevant people such as healthcare professionals using a combination of advanced technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). A very innovative and sophisticated project with a lot of impact during this crisis. I am happy to announce that EmailTree won a pass for Gartner Symposium Barcelona and two months of agile support from Gartner. Congratulations guys, you won the biggest prize and you really deserve it."

Chief Executive Officer at House of Startups Luxembourg

Philippe Linster 

Chief Executive Officer at House of Startups Luxembourg

Below you can watch the entire award ceremony, with EmailTree AI award presented at minute 42:00.

The prizes

There were interesting prizes for each category. EmailTree AI was awarded as the best project from the hackathon and received the biggest prize from Gartner.


The competition was very tough, with more than 33 projects and around 200 participants who worked as hard as possible to design and develop a solution in 24 hours time.

The jury

The jury was composed of experienced personalities from different companies and organisations:

  • Gilbert Wolter (Foyer, Sales and Marketing Director)
  • Anouar Adlani (CIO Namespace Group)
  • Philippe Majerus (Chairman Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse)
  • Kolos Kaszaly (CTO Docler Holding Luxembourg)
  • Pascal Steichen (CEO SECURITYMADEIN.LU)
  • Diane Tea (VP LBAN - Luxembourg Business Angel Network)
  • Philippe Linster (CEO House of Startups Luxembourg)
  • Petrus Holm (CEO Junction)
  • Carlos Gonser (Engineering Manager Docler Holding Luxembourg)
  • Serge Linckels (Deputy Director of Ministry of Education)
  • Xavier Buck (Serial Entrepreneur)
  • Dr. Sergio Coronado (Luxembourg Tech School Founder, Lead Coach)


  • Bogdan Toader
  • Bogdan Andrei Balaj
  • Tudor Benea
  • Alexandru Catrina
  • Daniel Deaconu
  • Maria Tiglar
  • Lucian Darabus
  • Andrei Radu

What it means for EmailTree AI

For EmailTree AI, this is an important milestone in the company's history.

First, the award obtained at Hack The Crisis hackathon represents an important acknowledgement of the entire work that has been done until now. The experts and the community gathered around this important event offered a validation that the solution proposed by EmailTree AI has the capability to adapt to different case studies and scenario.

Second, the team behind EmailTree AI is the most important asset of the company and the synergies created working together for a long time are extremely powerful. The achievement of adapting the technology in 24 hours time for a different case study and industry is amazing.

Least but not last, this is an important milestone which offers a clear direction towards another huge industry, namely healthcare. In the following period, the efforts will be focused on a detailed analysis of how the entire technological stack can be deployed as a solution to the existing or future pandemic outbreaks. The technology provided by EmailTree AI, alongside with the knowledge from the health community and hospitals’ administration, backed up by the government implication, represents a real solution which can be implemented fast, with immediate results.

About EmailTree AI

EmailTree AI comes as an end-to-end AI-driven solution to empower customer services and support teams with a complete customer service automation solution which helps enterprisesSMEs and individuals to decrease the time spent for customer requests and email management, reduce costs, automate repetitive tasks and increase the customers’ satisfaction. The artificial intelligence helps the human reaching a higher value-added and it is always the human that keeps control. The reply suggestions proposed by the AI can always be improved by the human touch.

The solution is used by top telecom companies in Europe (e.g. Orange Luxembourg), utilities’ providers (EDF France), ecommerce platforms (BWM Mediasoft), banks, insurance companies, global customer outsourcing and business process outsourcing leaders.

Customer Success Stories

The second award in two weeks time

This month was outstanding! Two weeks ago, EmailTree AI has been selected as the Best Startup at Demo Nights event powered by How to Web.

The event brought together innovative startups from different industries, which competed in an online pitching competition.

The jury members were distinguished personalities from top companies such as:

EmailTree Hyperautomation Audit Workshop

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