EmailTree AI and Finqware Combine Hyperautomation and Open Banking for the Financial Industry

EmailTree AI, a Luxembourgish customer service automation start-up and Finqware, a Romanian fintech company have signed an innovation alliance to put Open Banking at work in hyperautomation.

The Covid-19 outbreak made a lot of companies seek automation in order to "pandemic-proof" their businesses. The crisis generated by the pandemic forced an increased digitalisation all over the world and that has led to an automation boom.

In this context, EmailTree AI makes a step forward towards the banking industry, with a partnership which will boost the launch in the open banking domain.

"We are on a continuous journey to source top edge innovative technologies and to integrate them for the benefit of our customers. After the integration of RPA in our solutions, which increase the process driven optimisation for our customers, we are also looking for data-driven process optimisation enhancers. Finqware, with its FinqOneAPI solution that connects to any bank in Europe is the right partner to work with for optimisation of processes that need banking data. They are also very innovation driven as a company and sharing our expertise will bring important results in digitalisation of businesses."

Casius Morea // CEO of EmailTree AI

EmailTree AI has an end-to-end AI-driven solution to empower customer services and support teams with a complete customer service hyperautomation while Finqware has built a middleware financial API aggregation platform to interconnect businesses and fintechs with financial service providers.

"Put together, our technological R&D and deployment capabilities are keen to create important moonshot developments for managing large corporate business operations. Indeed, these use cases are at conceptual stage for now, but we are committed to spend efforts in innovation and make them available for our customers. The partnership with EmailTree AI is in line with our mission to put Open Banking at work in a value creation stream through partnership and collaboration with our partners."

Cosmin Cosma // Co-founder and CEO of Finqware

Together, the two companies make a perfect match to enhance automatization since they are both part of LHoFT - Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, the national FinTech platform that innovates finance and technology.

EmailTree AI’s Partnership Ecosystem

The strategic direction of EmailTree AI is the development of long-term partnerships with important players in different complementary markets. Therefore, EmailTree AI has established worldwide strategic alliances and partnerships with leaders from different domains.

EmailTree AI and UiPath Partnership

Partnership between EmailTree AI and UiPath, a leading global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company.

EmailTree AI and UiPath Partnered to Empower Customer Service with end-to-end Automation

The technological alliance between EmailTree AI and UiPath empower organisations to reinvent their customer service by combining the NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), ML (Machine Learning) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) techniques in order to reply faster to customer requests, automate email composition and trigger automatic actions in databases.
Thanks to this, enterprises now have a complete solution to use intelligent customer service hyperautomation, as part of an end-to-end process automation that includes understanding the different customer requests situations and issues, in order to prepare optimal and quick replies suggestions and automate repetitive workflows.

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company

Partnership between EmailTree AI and BlueTurtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company.

EmailTree AI Partners with BlueTurtle Technologies in Africa

The partnership between EmailTree AI and BlueTurtle Technologies will implement the customer service hyperautomation services in Africa and will deliver enhanced value to African continent customers by reinventing the customer experience by automating customer service routine workflows, which will lead to increased operational efficiency, cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.
Thanks to that, customers can now leverage EmailTree AI to better understand, categorise and route incoming emails, automate processing and provide flexible options for email responses. They can take advantage of increased efficiency and accuracy when dealing with customer emails as well as reduce response times. It will also assist in dealing with the growing volumes of email avoiding manual repetitive tasks.

EmailTree AI's Partners Program: How to become an EmailTree AI partner

EmailTree AI is looking to establish long-term partnerships in order to co-sell and integrate their intelligent end-to-end customer service automation solution with complementary technological solutions which can bring an added value to customers from different industries.
Therefore, any entity that has a strong network of possible customers and sales skills can become a reseller of EmailTree AI. There are also available co-sell partnership programmes, tailored for companies that have the capabilities to deploy the EmailTree AI’s solution alongside with their technologies and services.

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