EmailTree AI Selected for the StartupsVsCovid19

15 May 2020 - EmailTree AI, the end-to-end AI-driven solution for customer service hyperautomation, has been selected as the solution to automate the processing and analysis of the level of urgency of messages (emails, online forms, instant messaging) sent to medical units and healthcare professionals in Luxembourg.

In the context of Covid-19, the Ministry of the Economy in collaboration with Luxinnovation launched a call-for-projects named "StartupsVsCovid19". This competition was aimed at selecting and supporting the best startups to develop innovative solutions to combat the health and economic crisis.

Over 300 startups responded to this call-for-projects, 15 of which have been selected and will receive financial support of up to €150,000 granted by the Ministry of the Economy. 

What means for EmailTree AI

For EmailTree AI, this is an important milestone in the company's history.

First, this represents an important acknowledgement of the entire work that has been done until now. The experts and the community gathered around this important event offered a validation that the solution proposed by EmailTree AI has the capability to adapt to different case studies and scenario.

Second, the team behind EmailTree AI is the most important asset of the company and the synergies created working together for a long time are extremely powerful. The achievement of adapting the technology in for a different case study and industry which solves a global challenge is an important milestone in the company's history.

Least but not last, this is an important milestone which offers a clear direction towards another huge industry, namely healthcare. In the following period, the efforts will be focused on a detailed analysis of how the entire technological stack can be deployed as a solution to the existing or future pandemic outbreaks. The technology provided by EmailTree AI, alongside with the knowledge from the health community and hospitals’ administration, backed up by the government implication, represents a real solution which can be implemented fast, with immediate results.

About EmailTree AI

EmailTree AI comes as an end-to-end AI-driven solution to empower customer services and support teams with a complete customer service automation solution which helps enterprisesSMEs and individuals to decrease the time spent for customer requests and email management, reduce costs, automate repetitive tasks and increase the customers’ satisfaction. The artificial intelligence helps the human reaching a higher value-added and it is always the human that keeps control. The reply suggestions proposed by the AI can always be improved by the human touch.

The solution is used by top telecom companies in Europe (e.g. Orange Luxembourg), utilities’ providers (EDF France), ecommerce platforms (BWM Mediasoft), banks, insurance companies, global customer outsourcing and business process outsourcing leaders.

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